World of Cheese HD- Christmas Edition: Review

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With the onset of the Christmas season, all of us have time to kill on our hands. If a fresh engaging game would be your choice for this holiday season, then the iOS app World of Cheese HD will sure cater to your appetite for fun. This terrific puzzle game has a lot to offer, challenging you more than ever before.

This app has you racking your brains over puzzles for hours on end. These puzzles are based on a giant mouse called Mr. Mousey. Although the name of the character isn’t particularly original, the puzzles surely are. Mr. Mousey is hungry and it is your ob to help him fins the cheese by solving many puzzles.

The puzzles are not all overwhelmingly hard. There are brain-teasing ones and there are also relatively simpler ones. It is a good combination of various difficulty levels. There are seven different locations to choose between for hunting down cheese with ten levels available in the free version. There is an in-app purchase that brings you another 35 levels for $1.99. The game, as such, is highly based on the application of logic with easy controls, mostly a tap or a point.

The graphics and animations of the game are very adorable, attractive and cute indeed. They are not only eye-catching but also highly intuitive and easy to work with. The main character, Mr. Mousey, is as adorable as any mouse can possibly get. The background screen has been decorated with a lot of animals, items and more. There are also sounds to bring the whole scenario to life. It had been created keeping children in mind but has caught the fancy of a lot of adults also. It is enjoyed by people of all ages alike.

The basic concept and gameplay is strikingly simple. Each of the 7 locations has 5 levels, each having a puzzle for you to solve. The basic game is based on clicks. You only have to tap on the items on the screen, some of which will interact with you and there are also signs to guide you. Based on the number of your clicks, you are rated as gold, silver or bronze. The fewer the number of clicks, the better your rating gets. Each level leads to the successive one upon completion. The crux of this game nonetheless lies in pure logic only.

World of Cheese HD is the perfect way to sharpen your grey cells this holiday season. It is challenging indeed and will surely keep you engaged. For beginners, there is an extremely useful tutorial video on the app homepage. This app, besides the puzzles, also has a lot of creativity manifested on the part of the developers via the vivid imagery and backgrounds. Being user-friendly and light, it is indeed a game you must try if you have free time on your hands. In the process of solving puzzles, there is so much you can learn about a number of things varying from continents to playing chess to garbage segregation to engines and more.

Good: Excellent graphics and purely logical puzzles

Bad: Very few levels available in the free version

Worth Having Application :  Download the App


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