World of Blocks – An Awesome Roman Styled Shooting Game

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Most popular platform games in the iOS have fun and vibrant graphics, coupled with stunning and accurate game play. This fits into the criteria of the best iOS apps, like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja. Today, I will introduce a game which would also fit into those criteria and will be a great success soon enough: World of Blocks.

World of Blocks opens up to a vibrant and exciting main menu. The buttons and background are fun with well designs evidently behind it. Let us move on to the main part of this review: the game play. Many levels (65 levels on 6 different and scenic locations) exist for you to enjoy, with the very first one being the easiest; somewhat like a tutorial for you to learn as you go.

Controls are responsive to your touch and are easy to understand. Aim and shoot the cannon (the main hero of the game) to destroy objects on the field in order for the blue and moody blocks to fall. There are 2 types of blocks present on the field: Blue and Green. Your mission is to make those blue ones drop down while retaining those green ones. It challenges your knowledge about physics; for example, whether shooting this block off will trigger another reaction or not. To help you with this task, you have different types of cannon balls which vary between each different level along the way. They are Franky, Speedy, Meedy, Biggy, Frosty and finally Sticky. Each of them has differing abilities from each other. For example, Biggy is really big and can blow off a ton of blocks, while Sticky will stick to the platform which he is shot to.

Music in the game was great, as it sort of blends into the background while not being too intrusive or annoying towards the gamer himself. The music is not too loud at medium settings either, meaning that you will not disturb others while enjoying the game. Another great thing which I loved about this game is that you can play in 4 different languages – English, French, German and Russian. This is great news for non English speaking players which will undoubtedly be unsatisfied by the mediocrity of non English games in the market.

However, some of you might find it a little gimmicky as it follows the traditional recipe of success from Angry Birds. You might think this would lack originality but the game itself was really good. The game might also lag for those who are using iPhone 3GS or less, as the graphics are really top notch. However, anything above the 3GS will do just fine playing this game. To judge it on a scale of 10, I will give it 8.9/10, a testament to its smooth game play with beautiful graphics on board this $0.99 gem of a deal.


  • Great game play
  • Stunning visuals
  • Easy instructions
  • Music was non intrusive


  • Might be a little gimmicky
  • Might lag on old devices

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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