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The regular text-based bookmarks are compact, but don’t tell you very much. Which is why, if you scroll through your collection, there are probably many bookmarks where you’ve absolutely no idea what they represent.

It takes a different approach, allowing you to crop content from your favorite websites, and save them on the same page. Your grabs then become dynamic bookmarks, and work just as they did on the original site: links are clickable, video and audio can be played, and when the site is updated then your view of the content will change accordingly. You can cut the best portions of your favourite websites to visualize them all on the same space.

Some take existing web app ideas and add a new spin of their own. Others are more innovative, using fresh concepts to deliver powerful new ways of using the web. But they’re all worthy of your attention to use this site.

Visit this site at http://www.wozaik.com and post your reviews as comments

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