XnView Retro – For Stylish Vintage Images on Android

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XnView is a cross-platform image viewing software, which is used for converting, viewing, organizing, and editing graphical or video files. The charges are free for private, educational and non-profit organizations but for commercial use and distribution, it becomes a must for the user to register the program. There are various tools available for this application to view the photos and edit on various platforms with user-friendly interface. The various products of XnView are XnConvert, XnView MP, Xn View Retro, XnView Pocket, XnView Photo FX, XnView Sketch and XnView Deluxe.

The word ‘Retro’ in XnView Retro denotes outdated or aged style or postmodern art etc., As of now, XnView Retro supports only Android OS 2.2 and above as this is an application designed for android users and is available in Google Play Shop for free. With the use of this application, users can easily transform present photos into vintage images. As far as XnView Retro is concerned, it is a clean application and does not have any advertisements like other free applications. The current version 1.1 features with 11 different colors effects and 11 different borders.

It also has the ability to adjust the brightness or contrast of the photos. The user also has an option to save the altered images and share it to any of the social media networking through internet. It is considered to be one of the best free image editing tool, which is applicable for Android OS users and the overall rating given by them in Google Play Shop is 4+ out of 5. It is just of 1.6 MB in size but provides outstanding aspects for the images that are edited. In this latest version of XnView Retro, the user has an option to select their SD cards or memory cards as the output folder to save the edited photos, which means where ever they wish but as far as earlier versions are concerned, the users can save images only in the default location.

With the use of this application, the user is able to delete the stored images in the device because comparatively, the new version has shown some improvement in both borders and translations. This version 1.1 has well fixed the orientation crash of previous version. The user has been allowed to take photos and videos with the use of android device camera as this application has the access wider to all the photos and videos taken through camera.

If you have installed this application in your android device, you can very well work on its aspects. There will be an option by which you can open and select an image in edit mode. Filter and border options are available in edit mode. When you change the color scheme you will get totally eleven vintage options. If you need to change your digital photo into a grayscale you can use black and white vintage filter that produces 11 different outputs in a fraction of second. By default there are 11 different styles of borders or frame from which you can choose the one that is more appropriate for your image to give a portrait look. This tool is more flexible and gives better user interface.

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