XnView Sketch – Android App for Cartoon and Sketch Images

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Are you impressed with the ability of artists who can create sketches of people and scenery just with a few strokes of their pencil? Nothing to worry as there is available software in the market that can help you to create a sketch out of a photo that would make you look like a superb artist in the eye of the person whose photo you have used. If you do not want to get caught by the person who may have seen his photo, you can cleverly take photographs of objects or the nature itself and convert them into sketches and cartoons. This is possible through XnView Sketch which is a version of the larger XnView, a cross platform image viewer that allows the user to view images taken in any of the hundreds of formats such as JPG, PNG, and so on.

The developer of XnView Sketch is Pierre-emmanuel Gougelet and the app works on various platforms including PC and smartphones. The app belongs to the category of photography and requires Operating System Android 2.2 and higher if you want to use it on your smartphone. All iPhone users may have to wait for some time till the app is made available to them. The app has been recently updated and the available version in the market is 1.1. The app is free of cost and has a very small size (509k) making it very popular among people who are fond of photography and those who need a bit of appreciation for being skilled in art.

XnView Sketch has 9 effects that produce different results with the same photo and enables the user to change brightness and contrast to levels he deems fit for the cartoon effect to bring into the photo. One can save the results obtained from the app in his smartphone and even share them with his friends on various social networking platforms.

XnView Sketch is perhaps the easiest to use apps among those that allow the user to turn a photo into sketch. It has a simple user interface making it easy to operate. Even small kids can use this app to become artists in the eyes of their peers. There are no bugs and the results are fast and effective.

Many people find this app thrilling as they know they can impress or fool anyone by working on any friend’s photo using XnView Sketch easily. One can download the app from Google’s Android market for free in a jiffy with the size of the app being very small.

XnView Sketch is a lightweight app for Android smartphones that does not put a drain on phone’s battery making it a popular download in the Android market of late. Though the app has been categorized in the photography category, it has little to do with photography as the basic motive behind the app is to enable the user to be an artist by doing the sketching for him.

Worth Having App – Download XnView Sketch


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