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How much do you hate last minute meetings? Wishing you could do your job from your house without having to make calls to everyone, hosting web conferences or conference calls? Yet another meeting, better known as yaM can definitely be a great option for you to consider whether you have a big or a small business. As long as you have employees, yaM will increase productivity while keeping everyone updated on what is being done and who is responsible for the task in progress. It’s just that tool that is crucial to keeping sanity on a workspace when things get too rough and stressful.

Integrated Calendar:

You will have a Calendar to see on your agenda which you can edit to see on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Everyone will remain posted on deadlines, new assignments and new projects if they have access to their accounts which are linked by one calendar. Now, if you want to know what decisions took place in a certain meeting, you can review the actions and decisions along with a date.


Now the best thing about this application is the ability to see and write notes that you will share with everyone. This makes it easier for everyone to summarize the events that went on during the meeting instead of having to consult someone if you were late or you didn’t make it in on time. This also helps when an employee is not in the office because of sickness, which makes this a very useful feature to have.


Organize your workers by adding them to a workgroup. This allows each member to communicate within the group and work together to solve any kind of problem. You can easily assign tasks to your employees by adding actions to their profile. Whether they attend the meeting or not, they will be able to see the tasks that you assign along with any other suggestion that you may have for the job or project.


Now if you want to check out how to carry out meetings, you can use this tool as a compliment to any existing system that you may have such as conference calls, Skype or any other communication software. This application works perfect with every kind of software and requires no installation on any computer. So if you have an employee halfway around the world, that employee can attend the meeting if you would like to add him/her.


You are instantly given a free account once you complete the sign up form and the process is pretty simple, lasting less than a minute. This free account does not provide every feature that a paid member would have, but it is enough for someone to get a good feel of what the application is like. The only restriction would be the amount of meetings that would be carried out. There is no fixed monthly or weekly plan; it is all customized to fit your needs as a business or organization. Payment is as easy as using Paypal which is one of the safest ways to pay for anything on the internet.

Overall, the application is useful and it seems to be one of the best out there, made by people who understand that productivity lowers when unexpected changes occur or when your projects lack organization and team work. You can either get all your employees into training, or you could try out a proven system to keep your team spirits, productivity, enthusiasm and flexibility up. Anyone could benefit from this service because it is a basic need for businesses.

Visit this site at http://www.yamlabs.com/ and post your reviews as comments.

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