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Are you single, unhappy and lonely? To be honest don’t be so! Here comes a new application on facebook named Yangutu. Yangutu is an amazing application where you can expound your soul to find your soul-mate. Yangutu means “My one and only” in the language swahili ( a language commonly used near the stretches of Indian Ocean, Mauritius Oman ,Seycheles and Somalia).

Yangutu is an online dating application that also deals with marriage, relationship, friendship, love and many more. If one is unhappy, in his melancholy he might not know what exactly to do. He might feel like a loner, start leading a life of that of a recluse, psychologically be affected etc. Why should he lead a life of seclusion from the intercourse of the global world? Why? I would again ask Why?

But with this darling application I believe we have an opportunity to integrate with the entire world. Isn’t it amazing to even know that there exists such applications or whatever applications you come across, where you don’t have to suffer from boredom in your life. It is said Life is one but you never know you might find a new life in Yangutu itself.

There are hundreds of dating applications, it is on Yangutu to prove itself , within so many. It had copyright issues with some other dating sites,but it is resolved. If Yangutu expands its horizon like this, we will be having an amazing application coming up altogether. I guess it calls for an inspiration.

Through Yangutu FB application, we can talk our heart out. We don’t need to think thrice while we talk to anyone. After school, college or work it is a complete relaxation when we share our day’s stress with someone. Or there might be someone special out there waiting for you to be the Prince charming or your Princess. This is reality. I am not talking about fantasy here. Sounds odd, but once you explore this application you will know yourself. I am talking High of this application. In fact quite high cause I release my stress through these few codes in the website. Right after work it becomes easier to share whatever I feel like with people who are completely neutral.

The best part of this facebook application is that it implements science dealing with the Medical field, it certainly is a unique approach. They generally proclaim that your matches will decrease the chance of hereditary disease or inherited disease. Now this part is extremely Intriguing. Have you ever heard anything like this before? 90% chances are no. To be honest this part actually works. Amongst the hundreds and thousands of site you encounter why do you think this application would be the one you choose? There you are, the answers lie within.

Yangutu also offers to learn foreign languages, which indeed is absolutely mind blowing. It is quite amazing and intriguing to know that a particular application gives us so many options to wonder wild. So guys wonder wild in these domains and rediscover your own interests. Discover, rediscover whatever you call it.

One more factor how can I forget? If you are tired of the cobwebs of the society and want a break from it. In fact in an urgent need of a holiday. Yangutu also provides that. It gives you a place and a platform altogether to find your holiday companion. Sounds quite interesting don’t it? To me it surely does.

Folks I believe you can really enjoy this application, just log into facebook to explore the unexpected! Yangutu being a facebook application is unique in its features. What are you waiting for? Keep Surfing!

Visit this app site at http://yangutu.com/dating/facebook-dating and post your reviews as comments.


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