YAPA – Send And Receive Yaps: A New Level Of Social media!

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Sharing statuses on various social media platform helps in sharing your moments; YAPA is one of a kind social media platform where people find it really easy to share their moods and many other related things: everything is done to make it easy and possible to get relieved of the mental stress! The sharing of content called Yaps: could be retained for the long 72 hours and hence it is very less likely to be missed by anyone. So get in touch with any of friends who need your helping hand and caring shoulders or keep yourself expressed with no comments and likes on your posted moods!

Key Features of YAPA

  • One of its kinds: Amidst many of the social media app, this one helps people by getting relieved off their mental stress. This one surely is set to get the social media on revolution thus helping people to get out of the box and start using media for their medical help!
  • Talk: More than connecting and sharing your moods get on the extra mile journey and start connecting with friends and sharing your moments while on the go.
  • Updates: Help your friends know about your mood and keep them updated with your happenings of life.
  • No barrier as a place: Many countries where this app could be used, has made it easy to connect with more people and hence place no barrier to release out one’s stress.
  • Find and get in touch: Developers know it is always a longing desire to find your crowd and hence the search button helps in making things possible.
  • No fuzz in using: As easy as hitting like button! Just open the app and scroll through the various mood setters, ending up in swiping to set it as your mood!
  • Settings: Get to edit the pre-saved settings of the account and bring the changes to live as per the need and desire to depend upon one’s mood and desire!

Is sending Yaps easier than ever before?

Sending yaps were never difficult! This is as simple as making a text message to be received by your friend. Set the background color and make it more attractive to depict your personality or let it be more on the calm side! Create and adjust it the way you want just to set the way you would like to bring out your mood settings!

Maintaining yaps are easier as compared to ever before. Reason being there is no option to keep the yap keeps growing. There no photo, no like or no comment needed to be mentioned on yaps and hence this helps in keeping your private life to yourself with just a little exposure of sharing your moods on YAPA!

Last words:

Feeling emotional the just yap it up! Saw your friends yap then just join him or her! There are various ways to express your feeling and emotions with ease of YAPA. There is space for everybody, even for those who don’t want many comments and likes on their posts adjust want to be themselves all the time. The crucial 72 hours when all of the yaps are active is the best duration which makes sure nobody gets to miss their chance of expressing and being noticed!

Summary: Feel cared for as YAPA is here to help you with your social mental health. More than a social media app, this is a step take to help people with their mental health which is the first of its own kind in social media!

  • User Interface: 5
  • Colors and creativity: 4.7
  • Easy to Use: 5
  • Usability: 4.5
  • Connectivity:5

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