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If you are running a big corporate company or just a small sized firm, it is wise and prudent for you to maximize your employee’s productivity. Yaware is a nifty software which will help you do just that. Yaware’s comparably cheap pricing from just six dollars per user will make sure that you do not go over budget with it.

You can access Yaware either by creating a new account or logging in with your Google Plus and Facebook account. Yaware allows you to test its system first for 14 days, meaning you will know how it works first hand. At first view, Yaware has a very clean and organized interface with their tabs on the top of the page. By installing Yaware on every user’s computer, you will then be able to track them. Another great thing about Yaware is their compatibility with many operating systems from Windows 2000, Linux and Mac which is convenient for companies with computers of different operating systems.

Installing Yaware on a computer will only take a few seconds (for me it took 15 seconds). With it installed into the computer, there will be a small icon on the right side of the taskbar; recording productivity statistics. Yaware is also not a bloatware; only occupying 10,000 kilobytes of my computer’s memory and not prompting you to install other services unlike other software. Yaware’s Dashboard on the brower will show some statistics about the employees, like their Daily Activities; whether they are productive or unproductive. The colors which Yaware use are also simple to understand, with green being productive, red being unproductive and white as being neutral. The app even shows you what website they access & by clicking it, you will be shown the detailed report of that particular employee which you possess.

The app also shows your employees’ works in screenshots. This will app you to track what websites they are visiting and administer proper punishment if they stray off the working path. The app also shows you the camera shots of the employees at certain intervals; you will now know if your employees are texting in secret or hard at work.

Another thing which I personally adore about Yaware is their continuous great live support which is around almost 24/7 (I had never seen it gone offline before). Their live support is patient and courteous in attending to my needs and their toll free lines staff (North America areas only) helped greatly in solving my problems. Also, if you are a total klutz in computer softwares, fret not as Yaware also provides free guidance in installing the software. A wide galore of video tutorials are also available on their website, helping novices to set Yaware up in no time.

Yaware’s uninstallation is also hassle free where you can just uninstall it from your program and features. But why would you want to uninstall this great piece of productivity?


  • Clean UI and Great Functionality
  • Easy installation and uninstallation
  • Unbeatable prices
  • Great help available

Visit this site at http://yaware.com/ and post your reviews as comments.

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  1. tim

    Thanks! I’ll try it. Sounds like the right software I need for my small IT startup.


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