Yeloworld : Make Cheap Calls and Avoid Shock Bills

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YeloApp from RBN B.V. allows users to connect with anyone all over the world by means of making cheap calls. They can make these calls either from their fixed landline number or their regular mobile phones. The rates are also very cheap, being almost 99% cheaper than other network operator prices. It is also much cheaper than other services, such as SkypeOUt or Jajah and so on.


  • The app has no contract or any subscription fees. You just simply pay for the calls as you go. Hence, it is a good option for the regular international calling cards.
  • You need to put the credits into the Yelo application to make these cheap calls.
  • The app offers real-time update for your balance and you can stay in complete control of your telephone expenses.
  • The app is also able to synchronize with your native contacts list. This enables the user to call anyone on his existing contact list, just by a click. The user is able to see the call in the usual manner with the caller identity shown.
  • The app is very useful while travelling,, as the amount is taken from the Yelo credits. You will not get any more shock bills. While travelling, you simply get connected to a WiFi connection and can make calls.
  • The application is available for the iPod Touch, the iPad and the iPhone. You can also use the application on other devices.
  • It is a free application available in the Social Networking category and requires an iOS of 4.3 or later.
  • The connection is to be made with a 3G GSM network or a WiFi network. The top up must be made with a minimum amount of 5 euros.

The Good

One advantage of using the YeloApp is that you can call the other person on their landline or mobile phones, so they don’t need to install any special app. They don’t even need to have a smartphone and there is no need of any internet connection as well. It is just like making an ordinary call from your phone.

The Bad

Yeloworld application cannot be considered as a replacement for the regular mobile phone or the land line. It does not offer any emergency services and emergency calls. You need to have alternative communication for making such emergency calls.


The app allows you to make cheap calls to either landlines or mobile phones all over the world. You can have a trouble free connection with a WiFi or a 3G GSM connection. It is suitable for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch as well as for Android. Use it to shrink your telephone bills.

When you purchase Yeloworld Credit cards, the credits become inactive after a period of 180 days. In case of those using a 3G or 4G GSM network, the host or operator might charge additionally for the using the network. So check the rates with your operator. You can download it from all the major appstores, such as the Apple store, Google Play, Appbrain, Handster and so on.

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