Your Camera+ : Enhancing Photography to Its Best

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Today, with the technological boom and development, one always wants the best of everything. Almost every mobile device comes with a camera that has a lot of varied features but you never seem to get enough of it. Nikolay Romodanov has developed the android app Your Camera+ to help you get the best of the available camera so that precious moments might not fleet away without being captured right.

With Your Camera+ version 3.0, you can enhance and improve the functionality of the camera on your mobile device. The only basic requirement is that of the availability of Android version 4.0 or higher. This app allows you to take a set of clicks with different effects or the sane effect and many scenes with a single click.

To save out on time while shooting, the app allows you to save four series of settings in special programs. As compared to the older versions, version 3.0 gives you better control on add or delete buttons from the display screen. Also, the settings to switch between front and rear camera have been looked into and made better. In the menu items, a detailed description has been added with pictures to make things clearer and more understandable.

There are numerous buttons, each of which allows you access to unique features. There are buttons to make pictures automatically, buttons for clicking multiple pictures with the same settings and just one click or with different settings too. You can configure the number of the pictures to be clicked, alter the settings as per your convenience, enable or disable secondary settings, and a lot more. Zooming has been made simple with a single button.

With each image you click, you can keep track of the scene and effect selected, which are displayed on the device’s top right corner. You can also group photos into albums with ease using this app. There are buttons that allow you to manually control the white balance, focus mode, exposure, and flash mode. There are four programs, each of which can hold upto nine settings. The settings set by you are store in your device’s memory.

Your Camera+ is an app dedicated to the world of photography. It is not always possible to have the best camera on your device. However, it is not worth it to miss capturing a memorable precious moment that will never return. Hence, this app helps you make the most of the camera available on your device so that you can reminisce fond moments.

This android app gives you a lot of control over the settings and offers a plethora of features. Also, it saves your time by clicking multiple pictures with just one click. This app costs Rs. 108 and can run on all android devices with an android version 4.0 or more. The app gives you ample for your money and is anything but a disappointment. With the simplified user interface and options to customize the buttons in its latest version, there is a lot that this app has to offer.

Good: Customization of buttons on the display

Bad: None

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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