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Squrl Video Search App lets you see a series of the latest videos that everyone is watching online. For example, I can see President Obama talking about the mass shooting in the school. If there is entertainment videos I like to watch, I can always swipe the app upwards to view the latest movie trailers about Superman or Pacific Rim.The app is similar to the Facebook app where you can share, like or even add a video to your viewing queue.

The queue concept is nice because I can browse several videos and still keep track of what I like to watch. It is like television but I can customize the videos that I love. On the right hand side, there is a square button which I can tap on to reveal my personal profile. The profile is linked to my Facebook account and I can display my Squrl activity on my Facebook.

When I actually “like” a video, my recommended list of to-watch videos automatically gets populated and I can browse more videos without doing anything! It is intuitive. The Squrl’s recommendation engine uses a social intelligence algorithm to predict what I will want to watch next. It might not be 100% accurate but I feel I am coming back for more videos to watch inside this app.

If I feel I like to share the video I am watching to my friends, I can easily do so with the share button. The sharing is done through Twitter, Facebook, Squrl or even my email. I am glad this app is free for anyone to try out the full functionality. However, the app Squrl has some cons. When firing up Squrl, to watch a video, it takes time to load the video. I can see Squrl blinking a few times before the video is loaded. In Youtube, I cannot see any logo blinking when loading a video.

Squrl brought me great content to enrich my life but it also taught me to be patient with some of its content. At times when there is lag in waiting, I just reset my wifi connection. The problem will be solved at that moment in time. But it will come back later.

With Squrl, you can probably save some money from subscribing to content like Hulu, Bloomberg TV, Fashion TV Direct!, ABC, CBS and Wall Street Journal. Squrl broadcasts some content from these content providers so you are able to watch some for free. I will recommend Squrl to friends because I think it is a good video search tool for iPad users.

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