YoVivo! – The Universal Remote of Cloud

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While on one side there are people living in one-room apartments, there are people on another side of the world who are planning to buy a new home on Moon. But still there’s something common between them; a common bond that we all share and that’s our “cloud space”. There’s no discrimination when it comes to your home on cloud. We can have as many friends as we want, add as many pictures as we want and follow whoever we like. It’s the perfect place where rules are same for everyone. But wouldn’t it be better if you could have a single door for all these homes of yours? It’d be just like a universal remote which lets you control everything from your TV to AC or anything else in your home sweet home. The idea is great but the execution should follow it likewise. Let’s see if the developers behind YoVivo have managed to achieve that.

YoVivo is an iOS app that which saves you the hassle of constantly wandering from one account to another. All you have to do is link your different accounts (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Drive, etc) with the YoVivo app and all your photos are synced into one drive. So the next time you’re looking for a particular photo, you don’t have to check all your directories one by one. They’re all available at one place and it’s easy to find out then, especially with the amazing organizer we have here on YoVivo which allows you to create and customize separate folders for different groups of photos you have.

Next, have you heard about video slideshows? Well, if you haven’t then you’ll be become well acquainted with them once you get started with YoVivo. A video slideshow is a dynamic representation of your still images that runs perfectly into the shoes of a movie format. But watching a silent movie can be boring, right? That’s why YoVivo lets you pick your favourite soundtrack to run in the background. Furthermore, sharing these slideshows becomes even easier with their sharing panel which gives you access to all the platforms at the same place at the same time.

If your entire wealth is stored in one bank, you’d certainly want that bank to be the safest place on earth. So when all your photos and videos are synced into one YoVivo Drive, security becomes one of the major aspects into consideration and the developers have acknowledged the worry with full support. So they’ve enabled you to encrypt your images and videos on your device and then upload them on cloud. Before downloading them back, you can decrypt using the password and watch your memories freely.

So YoVivo very effectively saves you from ending into a hectic lifestyle and lets you enjoy your magical moments with a piece of tranquillity!

Pros: video slideshows with your favourite music in the background; multi-share panel; encrypt/decrypt files on the go; customizable interface.

Cons: none.


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