Yummy Burger Top Fun Kids Game – A Yummy Time Management Game

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There are millions of burger lovers and McDonald addicts all over the world. The Yummy Burger app gives these people a chance to run their own burger restaurants. The app allows the users to make yummy burger and offer them to customers by tapping the right ingredients. This app is available for the Android users and can be downloaded from the Google play store. Yummy Burgers has been developed and launched by the Giant Monster Company.

Yummy Burger app allows the users to run their own business and also gives them the opportunity to develop them into large restaurants, as they unlock more and more burger toppings. Yummy Burger is a time trial game with loads of fun and ever increasing challenges that are designed in a skillful manner. Like most restaurant themed games, this game is also about arranging food as per your customer’s orders. You will be serving one customer at a time; they generally approach your stand to place the order for burger or a meal and your job is to deliver them their order as requested. If your order is not as per their request then it will be returned to the drawing board and you will lose the customer. This game is all about how well you concentrate and deliver burgers within the specific time. Your skill quotient also plays a major role in attracting and retaining the customers. The customers in the game are short tempered and you have to be careful when you take the order since there will be people who will avoid cheese and ketchup.


  • The game is available in four different modes – stand, restaurant, time trial and endurance.
  • The last three modes can be unlocked as the player advances to different levels in the game.
  • The players can also purchase settings which are designed to be kid-friendly.
  • The cartoon characters in the game are designed in an extra-ordinary manner. Most of these characters are familiar to the kids.
  • The time management game helps the players to hone their skills in that particular area.
  • The game challenges the ability of the players as they advance into the higher levels where the complexity of the order increases and the time decreases.
  • The tricky customers make the game more interesting. They tend to change the order and also customize the burgers according to their needs. The player’s job is to deliver them in the right manner.
  • The game is suitable for age group between 3 and 17.
  • The game is very easy and simple to understand.
  • The players can use Facebook and Twitter to share their advancements in the game.
  • The sound effects in the game are designed in an entertaining manner.


Yummy Burger is an addictive game for kids and the younger generation. Time management games are always addictive and Yummy Burger is no exception. The game is free and can be downloaded from the android market.

Good – The game is very simple and grabs the attention of the players.

Bad – The advertisements that pop up during the game can be very distracting.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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