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Yutongo has launched a unique service for the creative minds across the world. Creative designers often feel under pressure of creating new concepts and ideas within a steep time frame; the fast paced, highly competitive world often leave the creative people with little time to create something really new; however, with the unique service from yutongo, now the creative minds can have the best collaborative brainstorming to generate innovative ideas on their project, and all that within a little time.

Youtongo presents a unique creativity technique online; it enables the creative people to collaborate with other professional creative minds from across the world; a collaborative work certainly comes up with much better and unique ideas within a short time frame. The working process of yutongo is simple and can be managed easily right from your computer. The site promises to provide better and more innovative ideas for your business, which can fuel the growth of your company and also can have a very positive impact on your career. Yutongo provides creative minds with a powerful methodology which helps them to generate ideas easily, it enables the user to include creative thinkers from any corner of the world; and in a single word it helps to manage the whole creative process with no hassle all together.

Here is how it exactly works:

  • The website provides unique support application that can help you to break down your creative task into smaller sub-questions.
  • Now, you are free to select your external innovators; you can select from your yutongo community, from your staffs, or anyone who is likely to work on your creative task. It enables you to include only those participants you want on your project and keeps it a complete secret from the ones you don’t.
  • Once you have your team on it, you can select external innovators to brainstorm on your creative task. You can select from a wide network of yutongo creative thinkers; invite them directly to your project, accept their applications and also pay them directly through PayPal once you are done.
  • Now you and your team pick a selection of ideas created by the creative thinkers, which are rated against multiple criteria as specified by you or your team. Now each participant creative thinker rates each idea on those parameters and leaves a detailed comment.
  • At the end of your session you can access and export your full list of ideas according to your wish; you can also sort them against different criteria.

The process of working with yutongo is really simple; it gives you full control over the whole process of solving your creative challenge. It includes only those participants who are invited by you and gives you the full scope to select creative thinkers from a wide network spanning across the world. You can pay the creative thinkers directly through paypal which makes the whole process really simple. Yutongo offers you some awesome creative tools, enables you to take multiple views on your creative ideas, it helps you to get ideas from creative thinkers worldwide and also work as a great internal ideation app, and most amazingly yutongo provide all these services at a very reasonable monthly charge; with the option of canceling your subscription any time you wish.

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