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Physics and the universe have long fascinated mankind. If you enjoy physics and the laws of momentum, then get ready to test your hold on these with Zappi Free, an iOS app in the form of a sci-fi game. Unlike other sources of learning, this app makes the entire process fun and exciting by wrapping it around a thrilling game.

In Zappi Free, you are given a set of puzzles to solve, all related to physics and momentum. As per the legend of the game, some ruthless aliens stole a certain toy for an innocent little boy Louis. This toy, Zappy, wishes to return to its rightful owner and hence decides to scheme out an escape through a series of confusing and treacherous environments. The addition of this simple, yet creative storyline adds a new layer of thrill to the entire game.

The gameplay and controls can be mastered by just anyone in no time. The one common move for you is to tap the screen. You need to keep track of the time that you revolve around each magnet as this determines the amount of momentum you accumulate. With the right amount of momentum, you can piggyback onto the next magnet along your path. At the end of each level or area, there is a level pipe. You will get sucked in here and transported to the successive level.

As a reward, there are stars scattered across each level. You have to ensure that Zappi picks up all of these on his way. The game consists of many exciting unique levels in its first season. As you collect a certain number of stars in the earlier levels, you also gain access to additional bonus levels. With an excellent yet simple gameplay, Zappi is sure to keep you engaged. Although it does not bring forth anything new in terms of concepts of physics or gaming, it does present the concept quite differently.

The solution to each puzzle has an underlying concept of physics applied to it. While this is good for adults, it is even better for kids. Through experimentation and trials, they can learn more physics practically and also pick up the applications. The initial levels are very simple so that people of all ages can pick it up as they proceed along the learning curve.

The graphics and updated art indeed do set the mood just perfect so that you can relive the story of the toy Zappi. The art style and cut scenes have been kept simple yet beautiful. Once you start playing, the challenge is not only about completing the levels but also about completing them at the highest speeds and with the best scores.

Zappi Free requires iOS version 6.0 or higher and is compatible with the iPad, iPod Touch and the iPhone. It requires 16.7 MB of space on your device and is available for Free. If you like this version, you can always purchase the full version to continue the excitement and unlock higher levels. All said and done, it is an engaging game that can teach you a lot of physics.

Good: Excellent gameplay

Bad: Initial levels are extremely easy

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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