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Once you have a small or medium business and you need to recruit employees, it can be hard to work with qualified people who live in other countries. How do you even start to recruit? Zartis (social recruiting software ) has all the answers for businesses that need to recruit employees by using social media and other tools. You don’t even have to look through websites to find the appropriate people. With Zartis, people come and find you!

So what makes Zartis unique? First of all, Zartis is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress. This is pretty useful because instead of searching manually on each website, you have that information at hand once people find your job posting on their search results. Number two, you get this web application which is easy to use because you can log into it from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and internet connection. Thirdly, you can push your postings into popular hiring websites like Simply Hired and Trovit.

If you want to have a Careers section on your website, all you have to do is put two lines of code into it. If you do not have that experience, Zartis has a WordPress plugin that can do it for you. Now all you have to do is sign up on their website and wait for your matches. Signing up takes 20 seconds and you can try any of their plans for free.
Once you have matches to your job postings, they appear on your Dashboard, which is the first page you see once you log in. Their information is easily accessible and securely stored so that you can access them at any time in order to make the best decision. Zartis also makes it easier for you to generate automatic responses, saving time and maximizing efficiency when you’re looking for the right candidate for the position. You can also track candidate and filter them in order to be more specific.

If you already own a WordPress site, Zartis allows you to manage your applicants through WordPress as well. Their blog is packed with solutions for businesses and new updates for Zartis, which is why you pay them if you get one of their plans made for bigger businesses. Zartis has a free service in which you can post up to three jobs. Their trial allows you to try out any plan, but you can be sure that the free one provides unlimited matches. The difference between the nine dollar per month basic plan and the twenty nine dollar per month pro plan is the amount of users that can access this website, and unlimited job posts , multiple users and account setup assistance on the Pro Plan.

In order to choose the best plan for your business, you have to ask yourself how big is your company or how big do you want it to be. You can take the basic plan if you plan to check on the job matches on your own. If you want multiple people looking at the results for evaluation, then you have to get the pro plan. Automatic posting on Simply Hired and the other two web services are limited to the basic and pro plans as well. Finally, all plans include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn integration. In addition to the features you get from Zartis, you also have 128-SSL data encryption, which means that your information is secure from prying eyes. Zartis always keeps your information updated as well as backup, just in case you lose something or you erase it by mistake.

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