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Whenever we are free, which is mostly during weekends, most of us plan our grocery shopping. The one thing that we cannot stand is the long, boring and drab queues at the counter. Introducing the newest web application program in the market, the ZingCheckout. It definitely has the potential for a wide international market since it gives a new insight into the dynamics involved in the retail industry. This application is useful for both manual checkout as well as self-checkout. With a fast GUI and lightning internet speed, it makes the whole checkout process faster and smoothly creates the checkout bill. The other notable features are that the items can either be entered manually or can be read from a barcode scanner. Overall, it is application that integrates all aspects of retail billing thus making it a single point of sale.

The tech snazzy developers:

The ZingCheckout development team located in Santa Monica, CA is a group of two tech savvy enthusiasts have built the system from scratch. Nate Stewart is the techie who has built the app while Mike Townsend handles the business development and marketing.

The internet based retail app – Accessibility is everywhere:

Its features include:

  • It is incredibly fast and the user interface is very simple to operate. This combination of features can impress anybody.
  • It works on iPad, iMac, PCs, Touchscreen POS units or simply anywhere provided there is an internet connection.
  • Easy addition of items to the receipt (manually or scanner) and it also enables emailing of these receipts.
  • In the initial setup, the products can be organized into its respective categories and barcodes too can be generated.
  • The Report generation tool of ZingCheckout is futuristic with its ability to create profitability reports and give a forecast of the next trends.
  • In a bid to go green, paperless digital receipts can be generated and emailed.
  • Creates a social listing for the customer that enables the customer to provide feedback about your business and a customer feedback can outweigh a thousand business reviews.
  • A personalized social page for your business can be created on the social network that can be integrated with other businesses of the same stature.

The most efficient Point of Sale application:

There is only two subscription plans : free and $49. This totally eliminates complications, either you are subscribed or not. This app might require certain POS hardware like the receipt printer, barcode scanner, magnetic card reader and cash drawer. For a person who wants to get into a retail initiative with a restricted amount of money, then this is the best app to start with. The first step would be to sign-up for an account or contact a reseller. Once you are trying to setup the checkout system, there are bound to be certain starting hiccups that is assisted by the 24/7 start-up assistance. For existing customers, its 24/7 support that responds promptly without any time consuming formalities. The ZingCheckout is a modest web app that gives more than what it takes to set up.

Visit this site at http://www.zingcheckout.com/ and post your reviews as comments.


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