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If you are an employer and are in need of loyal and courteous employees, it may be very troublesome to post your ads on the newspaper, as nowadays, less and less people read them anyway. However, on the internet, Jobs Forums and Job Listings websites are the boom nowadays and have many views by job seekers. ZipRecruiter is a new web application where you, as the employer, could post your job ad on more than 30 job boards allowing your job ad more coverage than the usual newspaper route! It has many nifty and new functions where you could take advantage of and allow yourself the ease of finding your perfect employee online.

Great Searchable Database of Resumes:

ZipRecruiter provides you with a plethora of resumes where you could view and search. This would allow you to find your man without even placing out an ad. ZipRecruiter even boasts that more than a thousand resumes are added to their database per day. For example, you would want a metallurgist, which is a very rare job in today’s jobs sphere, you could search Zip Recruiter’s database for a metallurgist and contact that individual directly.

ZipRecruiter distributes your job ad to more than 20 job boards:

One of the best parts of ZipRecruiter would be that they will distribute your job ad, whatever it is, to more than 20 of their job boards. This would help you save a lot of time where you would not manually post your ad to each boards. It would also allow a centralized job ad page where you would be able to edit your postings in more than 20 of the boards with just one click.

A Free Recruiting Website:

ZipRecruiter gives you a great free website for you to establish your internet presence. You can create the website in less than 10 minutes and what is more is that you would not require any programming knowledge and WebRecruiter provides this service absolutely free. The website would allow your prospective employees to find out and check out more about whatever job scope that they would be in; whether it is service, business or other categories, a website would be a great way to show your ads.

The pricing of ZipRecruiter is also very easy and affordable for the common employer. They have a starter pack at 59 dollars a month, which includes many features such as 3 active jobs slots, 50 resumes searchable per month in the enormous ZipRecruiter’s database. However, if you are demanding and want more active job slots, you could upgrade to other subscriptions packages like Team or Company, which supports 10 and 20 active job slots respectively. If you have a big company and is wishing to expand, you can use ZipRecruiter’s Big Hiring package with 199 dollars a month only! You can have up to 50 job slots with a gigantic 1000 searchable resumes in the database, which is aplenty. The Big Hiring price would also allow you as a employer to do XML Job Import, meaning you can make ZipRecruiter as part of your workflow.

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