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Texting among friends and making fun of each other is a common attitude among everyone all over the world. If you get this wonderful experience irrespective of your mobile device or irrespective of Operating system or irrespective of other platforms then it’s really awesome. Zipwhip offers one such fantastic feature which can be easily accessed from any device or any platform. All you need is just a browser supporting environment. Zipwhip offers a very unique feature of texting experience through a web app, android app and a desktop app. No other software provides this type of cross platform feature.

You won’t find any difference between all these 3 different apps as they have a feature of sync function. This sync feature enables several advanced features like sync between messages and sync between contacts. In order to use the web version you need to register with a US mobile number. Once you have registered in the website, you will receive a link to your mobile phone. Make sure you connected the US number in an Android device. Once you receive the link just click the link from android device so that a message will appear in you device to download the android version of zipwhip application. Once your number and account is verified, zipwhip can be accessed from any other versions. It may be either web version or desktop version or android app. All these three different versions of app has a unique interface to provide the messaging service at its best for free of cost.

Various mobile service providers in US like sprint offers this app as a part of their carrier service so that customer will get benefitted of their messaging and data plan. Usage of this app will not charge any additional cost to the customers or to service provider, but it uses the exiting data plan and messaging plan associated with that registered number. With the web version you can send message from anywhere in the world without even holding the mobile. There won’t be any roaming charges for the mobile if you are out of country, you can just switch off your mobile before leaving country. As per the carrier your account will be active in US but when you move out of the country you can very well use the web version of this app to send or receive messages through its cloud messaging feature. The message sent and received will be stored in the cloud and you will be easily able to access the messages whenever required.

Text messaging is made very handy and easy through the web version of this app and the plat form independency is the basic root cause for the success of this app. The zipwhip app mainly targets the younger generation with the invention of this amazing application. No other application is as quick as that of zipwhip and the cloud integrations is very quick and it assists us in storing and viewing the message as per the need.

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