Zoho Pulse for Enhanced Productivity

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Pulse is a new business app in the social network category launched by Zoho. The app can also be connected to Zoho’s other apps, such as Zoho’s calendar and Docs. It has all the usual social media features, such as private messages, blogs and notifications. You can also search for people for groups, somewhat similar to Facebook and other social networks. The app is aimed at improving collaboration in enterprises and also to enable passwords, thereby assisting them in improved management of customer service.

Private Social Networking

The app is very similar to the features found on other social networking sites and this makes it an advantage, as there is not much of learning to do and no necessity for training either. It is also available in a free version along with the Professional version. The latter has a tool for creating and embedding customized apps in the Pulse. The company can use this tool to increase collaboration within the organization and create its own social network, so that members of the organization can communicate better among each other. You can also customize it to select members or groups in the enterprise.

Secure Manager

The tool is a secure one and has a simple online password manager. Privacy of data is ensured with a central repository, where organizations can store data and manage or share them. Sensitive data can be safely shared and privileges can be customized across the organization by managing the user profiles. The app is surely very interesting and also useful for organizations and they have also released a mobile app in Android and the iOS. The basic features are available in the free version, whereas you will have to become a paid subscriber to use the Enterprise level.

Change the way your Company Works

Using this social intranet tool can change the way your organization works. Employees can have more time to focus on their work, with the power and strength of a united effort, due to effective connections and communication between the employees as well as the processing and tools. Employees are able to share their opinions on important matters in the blogs and discuss subjects using the Forum feature of the app. Managers can create customized workflows. The information is available in a central place and virtual groups can share them and communicate more effectively. With the iPad and the Android apps, you can even access information while on the go.

A Single Integrated Platform

There are absolutely no barriers of hierarchy or even those of location or time among employees, as the information is broken down into silos and can be shared between everyone. Remote employees can continue to remain in touch and work even when they are away from the office. Brainstorming sessions are possible across the entire group and this leads to more chances of fruitful solutions for solving problems efficiently. It offers a means of obtaining expertise with the help of crowdsourcing techniques. You can harness the power of the social media organization within the company to work on documents and produced customized applications. All related tools, such as Wikis, video conferencing and IM are brought together in one digital platform for better collaboration.

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