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Halloween is around the corner and there is no better way to celebrate the season with interesting and intriguing zombie games which promises unlimited fun and entertainment. The market is flooded with numerous zombie games and the demand for these fun-filled stuff is always on the rise. In order to stand ahead of the crowd, developers should create the games with distinguishing features. Zombie Combat is one such unique zombie game which has been developed to meet the expectations of the players. This game has been developed and launched by Pinnadon, one of the leading gaming application developers specializing in Android and iOS apps. Zombie Combat has been developed by this organization especially for the Android users and is listed under Arcade and Action category in Google Play Store. Users would require Android software version 2.2 and up to enjoy the complete functionality of the app.


Zombie Combat is based on the story setup where a young boy will be lead into the Zombie Age. Users will be able to experience the life in Zombie Age through the boy, and the player will be the boy himself. Players should stay active and alert throughout the game by jumping, running and fighting for their lives throughout and escape from the monsters that chase and trick at each and every corner of the land. Throughout the game players will have to collect coins; this will help them unlock mysterious pets and powerfulsuper weapons which to battle their enemies and stay from death. Players will be absorbed in this interesting game by searching for treasures and battling for their lives. This interesting game is sure to keep the players occupied for several hours.

  • The game has been designed with many exclusive features such as mysterious weapons and easy to use controls which makes the play even more interesting.
  • The powerful pets feature in the game can be used to tackle and defeat even the toughest of the enemies.
  • There are 5 stunning maps filled with a world of adventure which can be explored and enjoyed.
  • The background music provides the player with a zombie world effect of devastation and wander.
  • Players can experience multiple variations in the pets and weapons.
  • Players will battle against strange zombies,working with intense allies and under intense and demanding bosses.
  • Upgrade your armory by collecting coins throughout the battles in the game. The players will be rewarded with coins based on their jumping skills.
  • The game controls are very easy to understand and can be used comfortably by the players.
  • Players can use six types of guns with varying powers starting from weakest to the strongest. The gun list includes pistols, laser guns, flame guns, rifles, bazookas and spread shots.


Zombie Combat is a perfect entertaining gaming app made available at the right time and interesting enough to create some buzz. Action lovers are sure to fall in love with this app. The app is available at Google Store for free.

Good – The story set up

Bad – None

Worth Having Application : Download the App


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