PIN Genie Vault – For More Security

Pin Genie Appslisto 950x633

No matter if you use public wi-fi networks or have your own home network that requires passcode access, securing private and personal information on a cell phone, tablet or other wi-fi-enabled device is a real challenge. Because there are no wires involved, files and information that are sensitive are easily intercepted in transit from one mobile device to another, and …

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Final Guitar- The Best Musical App Ever For Guitarists and Musicians

Final Guidar

According to different users, Final Guitar is definitely the best musical app one has ever come across. Designed with high quality features, this product from One Groove.Co.,Ltd offers the best teaching related to guitar in the best way possible. The user gets a real exposure of using fingers to apply different techniques and tapping on the strings displayed by the …

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Colorcube – iPhone App Review

Color Cube Appslisto

Colorcube is basically a term used to refer to a board and puzzle game for iPhone and iPad users where as a player you are meant to rotate and blend colors in the challenging puzzler. It is equipped with over two hundred puzzles with 5 challenging levels, all of which are manually crafted for use by a player. The player …

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Grand Gin Rummy: An Addictive Card Game Worth Checking

Grand Appslisto

With the Grand Gin Rummy app, you can play the classic American game of gin rummy whenever and wherever you want. The app features a catchy 1920s 5-star hotel theme, aptly titled the Grand Gin Rummy Hotel, while offering four different game modes to fit your fancy. This app is highly addicting and of high quality, although it does have …

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Blacklane iPhone App: An App That Guarantees a Flexible Booking Process


Booking a car can sometimes be a complete pain and daunting task. In addition to the price, the car booking process itself can often be intricate. More often than not, users are required to call in their reservation or pre-book online where all the paperwork needs to be fully filled out. These days, however, booking a car can be as …

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Box Island App:Stunning Gaming Experience For Kids Involving Coding


Currently, there are quite some apps that have been designed to give kids a fun moment. Apparently, one will realize that it is essential to get an app that is not only fascinating when using it but also comes with an incredible learning experience that is worth remembering. Given the fact that children are in the process of grasping basic …

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Blade of Elemental iphone Game Review

Balde Appslisto 1

This is a game that first release was done in May- June 2016. It is an action role- playing gamming application in which users are able to battle monsters through a unique set of weapons and spells. Blade of elemental is a very exciting game that allows gamers to hone their skills and achieve success since it is an easy …

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Tricky Towers – Mind Blowing App Review

Tricky Towers Appslisto

Tricky Tower is a modern game application designed for both youngsters and adults to enjoy any time on your iPhone and iPad. The puzzle game does not only help you spend your time wisely but also allows you to challenge your brain to think outside the box. Thanks to the new features of the new tricky towers that make it …

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Wiki1001: Your Intimate Friend -iPhone App Review

Wiki Applisto 1

Wiki1001 is an iPhone app designed by two physicians who are involved in the Caredir project. This app enables the user to query and access answers on sexuality and sexual health. It provides feedback within 15 seconds only. It is designed with a security feature to enhance security and user anonymity. This app is meant for people over 17 years …

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Mussila – An addictive journey with musical monsters

Mussila Appslisto

Mussila is a very addictive game developed for the kids and kids only. If you ever wanted your kids to learn music, this game will setup a basic platform for that. You don’t need to be a musical expert to understand this game. The game is self-explanatory and guides you through each level and is very user friendly.Mussila is a …

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Get High Quality Video Music Experience With Edge Music App

Edge Music Appslisto

When it comes to listening and watching high quality music content, the entire ultimate achievement is absolute satisfaction. As the music penetrates the surrounding vicinity, the entertainment mood is set high and what results is everyone dancing to the tune of the music. This sounds quite fantastic and exciting! However, the entire pleasure cannot be achieved if there is no …

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Space Barriers- Unique Traditional Puzzle Game

Space Barriers

The newly released iOS exclusive Space Barriers is an exciting and unique twist on the traditional puzzle genre. The object is quite simple, get the ball into the goal while avoiding the traps throughout the level. A simple premise with challenging implications that are sure to keep you coming back for more! With vivid graphics that captivate you immediately on …

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