Betonline Poker Mobile Review


BetOnline’s new poker app for iPhone and Android is yet another addition to an already bloated market (if you’re playing from outside the US, that is). The same could be said, however, about almost any app released today, whatever its purpose. The truth is that the vast majority of apps – poker apps in particular – are poorly designed and …

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InstaLogo Logo Creator : Design Unique Logo in a Single Touch

Insta Logo

InstaLogo Logo Creator app for iPhone, iPod and iPad makes logo creation easy and fun. With advanced logo creating tools, the app generates more than 5000 logo designs in seconds and helps brands get a distinct business identity. Built in logo templates can be used in multiple combinations to make attractive and creative logos in a few easy steps. The …

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First Sight iOS App – A Perfect Debut !

What Is It

We love to hang out with my friends and everybody does. But one doesn’t appreciate the same spirit of competition against a friend in an exam than what’s in a game. Of course, you may cheat or let him cheat, but a game goes a different way, especially when the win or loss doesn’t matter; all that matters is fun …

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