CollegeBooks : Find Best Companions in Your Pocket


Books are the true friends of humans. They never take you to the wrong path and no matter how boring that kind of friend is, it always teaches you something that you’ll remember throughout your whole life. I myself like reading fantasy and adventurous novels though philosophical are a rare choice. But the biggest disappointment is when the latest book …

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Let Medmory App Remember All Your Medicine Schedule


Your life requires you to remember a lot of things, from business deals to grocery bills and from medicines to credit card payments. In such a busy life, it is quite possible to forget a medicine or two which may have an impact on your treatment process. This is very common with people who have to take a lot of …

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Get Ready to Game with 888poker Mobile HD

888 Poker

iPad Poker Games Come to Life with the 888poker iPad App! Content There is no denying it: iPad poker games are tearing it up around the world. This exciting mobile arena has poker aficionados buzzing. Now the world’s most popular online poker room has introduced the premier iPad poker app. The all-new poker app is known simply as 888poker Mobile …

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Check your survival skills with Iron Run iOS Game

Iron Run

If you are a game enthusiast and the fast moving games fascinate you, then the Iron run, a game available on iTunes will surely going to give you an adrenalin rush. This is a fast moving game available for iphone users and it is already quite popular Germany, Italy, Brazil, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark Sweden, and Canada. It has been ranked …

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iDelete : No More Worries While Playing ‘SMS’ Pranks


Anger is always spontaneous and sometimes it collectively bursts out on a person who doesn’t even deserve it and just happens to be an innocent victim. It has been rightly said that spoken words are like arrows sped from a bow. Once released, they can’t be retrieved back. Also, it’s only a matter of seconds after which you realize your …

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Safeguard Your Child with MMGuardian™ Parental Control App


Kids are the most crucial matter of concern for every parent and they are eager to do anything to keep them safe from hazards, wrong company and all sorts of things that can ruin their lives. Though you can protect the kids from people and products, you don’t have real access to your child’s devices which is the gateway to …

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OXON F.Light Pro FlashLight : The Perfect Torch For Your Phone


Now that we have Smartphones in our pockets, they ought to do something more than just ringing another phone. Similar to PC, they have many accessories and related functions which are very useful in our daily lives. One of them functions is that of a calculator. Although a calculator is now available in most of the simple phones as well, …

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What Makes the Best Business Website Hosting?


Today, the scope of internet and online business is a well acclaimed fact and companies are eager to take part in the success story that is being written over the web. The incredible success has attracted new companies to join the business, but with limited funding they find it difficult to invest on a different segment of it. However, with …

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Add New Shape To San Francisco Map With Cutetown San Francisco

Cutetown Sans Francisco

Gone are those days when maps were only available on textbooks. Today, the world map is available online and thanks to the satellite and improved technology you can zoom in to the road and the specific building. However, all the building seems to look similar, a grey box with varied sizes. To modify the way you look at the map …

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Easy Web Animations

If its time to vamp up your online presence, then Easy Web Content Presenter looks like a very good place to start. Easy Web Content Presenter is a cloud-based Do It Yourself, HTML5 animation tool that provides a dramatic and extremely easy way to create and maintain rich mobile-friendly and web-based interactive content. Putting users in complete control of the …

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