Cross One Puzzle – Review


The Cross One Puzzle is a classic and the best puzzle game for your mind. It is very addictive for its fun and challenging nature. it offers a mind grinding experience to the user and he/she feels to continue playing it. cross one puzzle is very interactive and challenging. its meant to be stimulate the brains of the player. It requires …

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Children Solving Math Puzzles By Unraveling Detective Cases With DetecThink App

Detect Think

The aspect of children learning through play not makes them to have great fun but also helps them to practice their cognitive and imagination skills in solving problems. Meanwhile, the subject of mathematics has always offered a challenging experience to many kids. Thus, getting an app that can offer a great way to solve different math puzzle in an entertaining …

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Space Barriers- Unique Traditional Puzzle Game

Space Barriers

The newly released iOS exclusive Space Barriers is an exciting and unique twist on the traditional puzzle genre. The object is quite simple, get the ball into the goal while avoiding the traps throughout the level. A simple premise with challenging implications that are sure to keep you coming back for more! With vivid graphics that captivate you immediately on …

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Time Drop : A puzzle game like no other

Time Drop Appslisto

There are so many puzzle game apps today in the market. Most of them have one of two issues- either they get boring after a time due to similar levels or they lack a story line to motivate you. ‘Time Drop – The colorful Time Travel Magic Bejewelled Puzzles Game – Free Edition’ is one game that takes care of …

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Duzzle with new Puzzle : DZ Puzzle

Dz Puzzle Appslisto

Are you fascinated with the puzzle games? Do you believe you can crack any puzzle game that comes across you? If your answer is yes, then there is a perfect game for you through which you can challenge yourself. DZ Puzzle is the new game that is introduced for people who loves to challenge there thinking. DZ Puzzle is really …

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Innovation Age of Crafting – Innovative Puzzle Game

Innovation App

Innovation Age of Crafting is an innovative puzzle game, which covers the history of humans and their different inventions across the most exciting historical ages i.e. the Stone Age, the Middle Ages Antiquity, the Renaissance and the Modern Age. Travel through history with well over 120 levels and lots of fascinating stuff to discover therein. Concept. The game has a …

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Get Ready to Solve The Puzzle In Hop Hop Away

Hop Hop Away Webapprater

You cannot really have enough of any puzzle games. The puzzle games become old when you cross all the levels and reach your goal and thus a regular supply is always needed. That does not mean you have to compromise with anything and everything as long as games like Hop Hop Away are there. This is a unique puzzle game …

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X-Match: Not just Another Puzzle Game

Xmatch Webapprater

If you have free time that you would like to kill by playing puzzles that will sharpen your grey cells, then the iOS app X-Match is the ideal game for you. Unlike arcade games and racing games, the variety of puzzles and the high challenge level ensure that you do not get bored whatsoever. With a new approach and strategy …

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Solve Puzzle to Win Missions in Datswer


Games that are based on stories often manage to gather interest of the players. You really want to see the end of the game when you have a mission which is not possible in the popular endless running games. One such game is Datswer which is an action and puzzle game where you will not only have to use your …

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Take the Right Decision – Give your Kid, Fun for Kids – Learning Puzzles


Here is a new gaming app that can create interest in your kid and at the same time can help in developing his/her motor and problem solving skills. Fun for Kids – Learning Puzzles is an educational gaming app that has been specifically designed for the toddlers and preschoolers in order to give the parents the opportunity to provide their …

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Enchanting Diabolical Puzzle Game the Art of Darkness

Art Of Darkness

For the gamers here is yet again another interesting puzzle solving game launched by Booty Bay Limited. The famous developer of the game Tap Pet Party has come up with a latest and improved version of the popular game Art of Darkness. So, if by any chance, you have not played the game before, this is the high time to …

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Pillman:the loop of fire – Standard Puzzle Game


You can never get bored of puzzle games. No matter how old you are puzzle games are always interesting, challenging and engaging. Pills – the loop of fire is like no other ordinary puzzle game you have ever played. The game has no static levels to finish and increase your scores. The player has complete control over the game and …

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