20 Twitter Promotion Ideas for Your Business

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Twitter – The short word rules the Internet marketing world. Twitter is one of the most powerful social medium which can bring us the business success in a tremendous way. Twitter proves the power of social community and need of social bond for business.

We can define twitter as a social medium, money earning medium, social communication medium, entertaining medium and so on. These all definition suites only for who knows the tactics and secrets of twitter for business promotion. I would like to share some of the twitter promotion tips for your business.

List of 20 Twitter Promotion Ideas :

1.Create a twitter account with url related to your business. Make sure that your business or website name included in it. For example http://www.twitter.com/webapprater

2.Upload image for your twitter profile and optimize the image using free twitter tools.

3.Add your corporate business website URL in profile, so that visitors come to know your website presence.

4.Promote your twitter presence by adding twitter link on websites, email signatures, customers newsletter and so on.

5.Do not forget to include your brand name as the title of your profile.

6.Use Free Google keyword tool to select keywords related to your business and add it with your tweets using the “#” symbol before it.

7.Use your keyword in first 30 characters of your tweet which will be easily track by google real time search engine.

8.Select some important keywords of your business and include in your “bio” section.

9.Find your targeted audience based on their interest and this is the most important part of twitter business promotion.

10.Use Twitter directories like twellow , Justtweetit to find your targeted audience in category wise and start follow them.

11.Start follow the influencers related to your business or industry which makes you up to date with industry updates.

12.Use twitter profile management tool like Hootsuite to manage your multiple twitter account, in case of various business.

13.Use collaborative tweeting tool cotweet.com – Make conversation using this tool. It will bring more exposure to your business.

14.Post tweets about useful links, resources, images, info graphs related to your business.

15.Search the topic related to your business and talk to influencer.

16.Send direct message to the people about your product or service. (people who is need of your business related service)

17.Post new product screen shots on twitpic.com portal.

18.Increase sales using twitter by giving special offers and coupons to your followers. (Use twtqpon app to distribute your coupon via twitter)

19.Send your offers to your followers using twitter bulk message sending application. Before sending direct messages analyze the interest of your followers

20.Security is necessary for your business twitter profile. User strong password to protect your twitter account from hackers. If you find any security issues, change your password immediately without fail. Do not link links send via direct messaged from anonymous.

Hope the above twitter tips will help you to empower your business with powerful social media Twitter. Follow the tips gradually to attain positive results on your business promotion.

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  1. Jimmy

    Thanks man, i just started using twitter for my blog promotion. Hope it will drive some traffic.

  2. Linda Casso

    Thanks for the great and concise overview of using Twitter!

  3. Jody Thompson

    Thanks for the great suggestions for using Twitter– which has been my go-to source for driving traffic.



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