How are Apps Engaging with Phone Users in 2018?

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The app marketplace in 2018 is extremely saturated. Competition comes from all sources and platforms and games developers are constantly working to churn out the ‘next big thing’ to blow the industry out of the water. But what are three ways in which app developers ensure people download and use their apps?

The Next Big AR Splash

Analysis of popular apps cannot be complete without a mention of Pokemon Go, which helped not only reenergize the Pokemon game franchise, but showed the prowess of AR technology. Wizards Unite, a Harry Potter-themed game, is set to follow to use the environment around you to merge with the smart features of your phone in order to create a magical world of spells and potions. Choosing huge brands shows that AR isn’t ready to take off on its own just yet. By using something developers know fans will definitely download enables fans to enjoy AR through the lens of their favorite brand, before enjoying AR for its own merits.

Incentivized Play

One way in which games developers can work on ensuring that gamers are engaging with their offering and not a competitor’s is by incentivizing them to use it. The SweatCoin app, for example, uses the offer of rewards to have the fitness app running the background to convert steps taken to money to be spent on the app. Other forms of gaming also offer incentives to choose them, such as free spins no deposit UK based slots, which offer 25 free spins as players warm up to playing the game, or realise that the game is right for them. Other incentives include app download incentives, such as the Subway and Costa Coffee apps giving bonus points for registering and downloading the app. When considering where to go, accessing the app to gain points could be a deciding factor.

Battle Royale Games

There is no escaping the trend of battle royale games. While the trend itself has been alive for decades, it had gained momentum considerably in recent years with the launch of Fortnite, Battlerite, and a host of others helping augment the trend. Clash Royale, for example, is one of the most downloaded apps and is tapping into this ongoing trend of battle royale style multiplayer games. Apps range from Rules of Survival, Grand Battle Royale, Black Survival and Guns Royale, each offering a different take on the popular trend. Looking at battle royale in 2018 is like looking at zombie games in previous years. They represent the latest trend in apps, which developers ensure they are a part of in order to soak up some of the audience engagement and downloads.

Much talk is around the next aspects of virtual and augmented reality and how it is going to be adapted to create even more immersive games. The marketing side of app creation also needs to be addressed, as in how people will choose which app they will download and engage with. Finally, the latest trend of battle royale games is important to look at to see how apps ride the crest of the latest big thing.


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