What Makes A Smart TV App User-Friendly Thus Successful?

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In recent years, the smart TV has become one of the most popular kinds of television units in the market. From its initial sales until today, there has been a steady increase in the number of units being sold each year, and it is believed to increase further in the coming years.

If this kind of television will be seen in every household, how can smart TV apps give users a seamless and user-friendly experience?

What makes up a smart TV?

What makes this kind of television “smart” is that it runs using an operating system or platform that is connected to the Internet. It also has the ability to connect with other smart devices.

However, not all smart TVs are the same. Some low-priced smart TVs manufactured in China may have a limited number of features and essential apps compared to big-brand TVs that provide a complete array of services.

A lot of smart TVs have built-in computers that allow users to spend hours playing with preloaded game apps. They may not be as compelling as those found in gaming consoles or gaming laptops, but these smart TV apps may be able to provide just the right amount of fun into the living room.

Most people want to take the opportunity of getting connected. By using instant messaging and video-calling services on the smart TV, communication can be easier without having to worry about paying for additional call rates.

Whether it’s a 32 inch smart TV or any size, the functionality of smart TVs vary little between brands and models.

Smart TV Apps

There is a wide array of smart TVs in the market today, even coming from big brands such as LG, Samsung, Philips, Toshiba, and Sony, to name a few. Despite offering smart TV capabilities, there is no one-size-fits-all operating system or interface for these smart TVs. In other words, each TV manufacturer typically makes use of its own OS.

For example, LG uses webOS while Samsung makes use of Android OS.

Regardless of the TV brand or model, here are some of the features that most users would like to have in their smart TV apps:

Ease in functionality

Any user expects that the smart TV app is easy to use. The app functionality should be made in a way that users experience full satisfaction in the same way as they would on smartphones or tablets (only in a much wider screen).

Packed with features

Smart TV users typically access Netflix, Amazon, and Pandora. Practically, homebuyers would prefer choosing smart TVs over traditional television so that they can enjoy watching movies using the app rather than having to connect another device. Additionally, having the advantage of a wider screen makes it possible for the family to watch together and enjoy.

Software updates available

Since smart TVs work using the internet, apps typically have regular software updates in which most major manufacturers improve the set’s internal firmware. The smart TV app should have this kind of capability.

Extensive preloaded apps with spectacular image resolution, crisp sound, sleek and stylish design, and high-quality hardware will always result to an extremely pleasant TV viewing experience. There may be differences in price between brands, but if the sky’s the limit in buying a smart TV, then go with the best brand that can provide you with all the features that you need.


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