The Best Smartphone Apps That Will Help Improve Your Golf Game

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Who doesn’t like to improve on their previous performance? If you love to play golf, then it’s fairly natural for you to study your past games and figure out some strategies to enhance the way you play the next game.

Aside from practicing consistently, skills improvement in the field of golf may also be achieved by using the best tools of the trade. In this age of technology, it’s not surprising that even the golf industry has found help in the latest golf gadgets and programs.

For starters, some of the best golf rangefinders, GPS-enabled devices, and online tools can drastically improve the way you play golf. However, one of the most popular and convenient ways of using technology in golf is through mobile apps. Here are some of the best smartphone apps that will improve your chances of hitting an ace in your next golf game:

Golfshot GPS

At the top of Verizon’s list of golf apps is Golfshot GPS, a mobile application that provides aerial views of “over 500,000 greens for around 40,000 different courses worldwide.” It tracks the terrain and does practically everything that a caddy does – well, except for carrying your golf bag!

GolfSites Recap

If you’re an avid user of the popular GPS app GolfSites, then this auxiliary app should be installed in your iOS device as well. GolfSites Recap works with the GolfSites app to give you essential data such as “game stats and reviews of all aspects of the game from putt performance and swing accuracy readouts, to fairway accuracy and much more.”

Golf GPS Rangefinder & Scoring

Equipped with a GPS rangefinder to provide images of practically every golf course in the world, this app could be just what any golf player needs. It also has a built-in digital scorecard, and access to website data sync for better tracking of your games. No wonder it’s recommended by PCMag for golf lovers.


If you’re playing for sport and competition, TheGrint will help you one-up your opponents. This brilliant app keeps tabs on your score, as well as those of the people in your group. This application provides Live Scoring, Matches / Games to set up a competition game with friends, and a Performance Stats suite to help you monitor your progress.

V1 Golf

One of the most basic skills that you need to perfect is your swing, and this app may be able to help you hone your talents. V1 Golf is designed to fine-tune your golf swing to improve your accuracy in hitting the ball closer to the hole. This app makes use of video to record your swing and compare it with over 50 swing templates from popular professional golfers.

Tiger Woods: My Swing

Who else can better teach you on golf swings than the master himself? Let Tiger Woods teach you how to swing your golf club correctly in order to hit the ball with power and accuracy. The app allows you to record videos of your own golf swing, and compare it side-by-side with Tiger Woods’ swing style.

These golf smartphone apps should be able to help you put your best foot forward on your next golf game. However, you shouldn’t miss out on the spirit of the sport, and that is to enjoy the beauty of nature and just relax.


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