Top 20 Project Management Web Applications

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Project management is an art and perfect tool or web application to projects will make the work go smoothly. In this post you can find some top project management web apps with its reviews by webapprater team. You can select right project management app.


With this project management software one can extract lot of beneficial savors. By this web application you can avoid unwanted project management software solutions which are prevailing on the market. It adequately manages the task dependencies, act as time tracking tool, even work as team for effective collaboration, collects all human resources, uploads documents to project, records project expenses and eventually track users day to day work load.


It is online project management software which facilitates team collaboration and project execution, ensuring data is always up-to-date and aligned with business objectives. There is no complex software or hardware installations are required due to Clarizen’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) structure, resulting in immediate business impact as teams and projects get up and running instantly.


Less projects is a project task management application where you can find flexible features allowing it to adapt too many different situations. You can change the task statuses to match your work flow.Among various features the tasks can be assigned a status and priority, low, medium, or high. When considering the project tasks they can be sorted according to priority, and values also be assigned to each priority level.

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Norada is prescient that Solve360 blends the concepts of CRM and Project Blogs into a private, ameliorated versatile hub where you can find sales, well support, potent operations and global client’s team up and stay coordinated. It is expedient and adroit that securely publishes individual Project Blogs to anyone with an email address so they can stay up-to-date and coordinate with your prospective team on cogent projects.

5. :

Organizing a group of people to work on a project can be complex, difficult, and time-consuming – or you can try this site. There is no registration involved, just enter a project name and you are off. Next, enter some “stories”, high-level goals that you would like to achieve.

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It is Online Project Management Software provides small and medium size businesses with an innovative new way for online project management and collaboration by combining a comprehensive project management suite with an arsenal of collaboration tools including wiki, file sharing, version control integration and much more.

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It is the web based online project management software where you can have a modular solution for managing your projects and resources in a flat world, where work is fragmented, “projective”, and performed by different resources with various skills in different places.

8. :

It is an online project management solution used by professionals and teams to manage and collaborate on projects successfully. With project managers can create projects and tasks, assign tasks to project members, track time and issues. The entire project team can collaborate and share knowledge using wikis.
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For agile project methodologies you can use the Targetprocess site. You can make your agile development simple and visible. There is provision of Quick setup for Scrum, Kanban or your own unique process. It is possible to visualize development flow using Kanban Board. Kanban is a very powerful way to reveal bottlenecks in development process.

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It is an open source community aimed at developing simple, powerful and intuitive software for web-based project management and group collaboration. It gives you a flexible system for managing projects involving multiple organizations by providing a central place for all project activity and information while integrating with users existing tools and workflow for free.

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It is the leading web-based project management software solution. Many of the high end portfolio and products are either too expensive or too complicated for project teams. Most low end project management software programs lack functionality for the more experienced project manager.

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In every business, getting things done on-time and under budget is key to your success and Teamwork. You can assign tasks to staff, co-workers and contractors in seconds. Each task can have a due date or can be linked to a milestone allowing everybody to see exactly what they have to do and when they have to have it done by.

13. :

It is the online organization tool you’ve been looking for. Everyone can believe this because it is the online organization tool they would be looking for. They have developed this site to help manage the projects, communicate with our clients, and collaborate with our colleagues—in the office, across town, and around the world.

14. :

It is online project management software which makes team collaboration easy. It keeps and shares your projects, tasks, notes and files, track progress and time, send alerts, generate reports all in one place. You can use this site with whole team on it with no training.


It is an online agile project management tool which goes beyond software development. It includes all business functions to insure a full 360 view and grasp on projects. Engage committers alike with an easy-to-use agile product management tool to keep track of tasks, items and overall project progress.

16. :

It is probably one of the easiest project planning tools out there. Add projects, set up tasks & to-dos, and track your time. You can invite team members or clients to your projects so they can view the progress, discuss the project, upload files or have tasks assigned to them.


It is an online project management tool that helps you to plan, check and control your company projects and all their associated tasks. It has dynamic environment and appealing user interface. You can share information, files and documents between all the employees that are associated to a given project.

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It is a powerful application which develops business collaboration much simpler. The project managers can distribute their tasks and could monitor closely how their sub-ordinates working. You can also share all important documents among the involved project workers.

19. :

This site is powerful web based management software for intelligent business. It has efficient features with work flow practices to create and manage your tasks. The projects can be prioritized and marked with a status, also automatically integrated with hardtree’s Calendar.

20. :

This site is developed for people who wants to stay-up-to date, on task and always connected with your dedicated team members. It is one of the effective online project management applications which serve to take control over your projects with applications like messaging, to-do lists, reminders, Spot2Jot, file management and time tracking.


  1. CedricSoubrie

    I personnaly use pivotaltracker which is limited but still usefull for small projects.

  2. Issara

    Currently use eTaskMan. Also free and very simple to use. Want to assign task to whoever in your company, i strongly advise this.

  3. Alex

    We use Planbox Agile tool

    Great intuitive tool to get things done. More powerful than Pivotal to manage projects

  4. Joeff

    I’m just new in agile software and now were using Pivotal Tracker for our projects and it’s pretty convenient when it comes of organizing projects and I’m thankful for this blog post new idea’s to me.


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