Kernel for Exchange Server Recovery: The perfect disaster recovery strategy

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Everyone company or business goes through a hard time at least once in their course to success. One of the most testing and trying among these is when disasters occur. Unless a company has the right tools at hand and has done some contingency planning, all of the hard work could go in for a toss. Kernel for Exchange Server …

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Whist- Sleep Sound Designer : For a Good Sleep !

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With today’s ever increasing connectivity, there is positively an app for everything. There are a ton of apps on the mobile market today designed to optimize almost every part of our waking lives, so why should sleeping be any different? Whist, a customizable sleep sound designer, is a product best used for those who sleep better with a bit of …

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10to8- Online Appointment Scheduling and booking made easy

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10to8 is an online booking system or online appointment system that has been designed for smaller businesses to track their customer appointments. It is an application that is universally loved by the companies and their clients both. The app allows users to create or update appointments as and when it is convenient for them. It comes with a web and …

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Suti : Virtual Pet Game- Specially for Kids

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Suti : Virtual Pet Game is a free-of-cost gaming application available on Apple app-store developed by Nguyen Chien. This game starts with a virtual pet Suti, a cute bean-shaped creature which needs a place to live and it is the job of the player to ensure than Suti grows and stays healthy. The player can do the needful by playing …

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Puxers: Challenging fun 3D math game

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Puxers is another game that will help you kill your leisure time. However, this iOS app game is not just any other app game. As clichéd as it sounds, this is a game that is really easy to learn and pick up but very tough to master. It is a game that will keep you addicted for hours on end. …

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XNSPY—Record Calls, Track Locations and Monitor Phone Logs with this All-in-one App

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Call recording is as old as the smartphone’s advent itself. When people got hold of a portable audio calling device, it provided a lot convenience, including many risks. Early businesses of that time knew the issues with allowing cell phones at workplace, so they were usually banned within the factory/office premises. But this is 2016 and conventional practices are no …

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eva – Share and Enjoy Your Videos

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eva  has recently been released by Forbidden Technologies plc, who also happen to be the developers of Forscene, the immensely popular cloud video editor. For those of you who have not used this app yet, this is a new video social network which is compatible with all iOS devices. The primary feature of this app is that it lets you …

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Samepage- Collaboration made simple and easy

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There are numerous ways to share information and data with your team or friends today. There are so many ways online where you can store pictures and other files and share them easily with anyone and everyone. The problem is to integrate all these and access them from one place. Samepage, a cloud based tool is here to solve this …

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Yentle – Its Time to Open Your Love

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It is always the wish of every individual to love someone so that they can show their love to the rest of the world how they love themselves on the Valentine’s Day. This can be unfortunate to those who have broken up or has no person to date and share some good time on this love-making the recent past …

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SherpaDesk- Running a business made easy


While the idea of running a business might seem easy, the actual thing is not. Just keeping track of the business side of a business is a hectic task. Right from logging time to tracking projects to responding to customers to sending out invoices and more is a stressful task. In the midst of all this, focusing on the strengths …

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OneHive – Must Have Project and Team Management Tool

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Iphone never quits to amaze its fans with its brilliant works. Through technology, it has proved great work through introduction of many applications. One of its latest creations is the OneHive app which has simplified many activities and even changed the old ways of office operations. With this application you are guaranteed effective performance and time saving. This is the …

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Flyp : Revolutionary Call and Text App

Flyp Appslisto

Flyp is an application for any Apple device that allows the user to inherit a new phone number for free that can be used to call any number in an array of different countries. When I first saw this I thought it was almost too good to be true. Being able to call or text friends and family that are …

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