OneHive – Must Have Project and Team Management Tool

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Iphone never quits to amaze its fans with its brilliant works. Through technology, it has proved great work through introduction of many applications. One of its latest creations is the OneHive app which has simplified many activities and even changed the old ways of office operations. With this application you are guaranteed effective performance and time saving. This is the …

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Improving PM Practices offers a website for project managers to find the best articles and references for efficiently managing their projects. It has a professional and refreshing look and feel with a lot of tools for project managers. The content on the site can be used by managers for their project assignments. There are many articles on project management …

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Including project management software isn’t enough for HappyTodos, their approach is very visual as well if you take a look at their website. HappyTodos is colorful and fun ways to manage your projects, making your work seem much more fun to do. Along with the ability to access your team from anywhere in the world, HappyTodos includes and implements useful …

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A new era has begun, and web applications such as Apollo have revolutionized the way that you manage your projects and contacts. The best things about Apollo are that you require no installation CD’s, no downloads required and, best of all, great service. So what is Apollo? Apollo provides project and contact management that gives you important tools to develop …

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It is the unique project task management web app with special features. The tasks can be given status priority and values given to each priority level. Also create users for each project then assign several tasks.

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Hygger – The Complete Platform to Manage All Your Projects


In today’s competitive world, transparency has become mandatory in workplace. All the details in a work environment must be conducted from one department to another in a proper manner. Hygger is one such project management app and is a great boon to business people. Hygger allows you to create and manage checklists and work boards on the go. You are …

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PhraseApp- Project localization made easy

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Language often acts as a hurdle when business matters are considered. A lot of start-ups fail to gather enough audience because they do not consider more than one language for communication. PhraseApp, a translation management system, will help you get rid of these woes. They have a simple yet powerful aim- make the process of localizing a website or an …

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Redbooth: Everything about your project in one place

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If you work with a big team, you will surely know how much time and effort collaboration takes. What you need is an easy interface to connect and work with your entire team as a team. Redbooth, an Android app is here to help you with that. All your tasks, video meeting, chats, time tracking and more can be accessed …

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Pyrus: For Better Task management and Team communication

Pyrus Webapprater

No matter the size of the team. Task management and Team communication can be a pain. But this does not have to be a problem anymore. Pyrus, a technological start up has come up with a solution to this problem. They have created a web app that helps teams with their task management. What is the Pyrus app all about? …

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Wrike : Go-To Tool for the Project Manager

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We have all seen Project Management tools and software options flooding the market in the past few years — it seems like there’s a new tool coming out every month. Even comparatively smaller organizations have now started using these work tools to manage their day-to-day projects whether they’re in product development, marketing, sales, or some other discipline. But out of …

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Solve Your Time Management and Reporting Issues with Everhour


A simple time management and reporting tool, Everhour, has been recently launched in the market. The tool claims to provide unique and the most simple solution to the time tracking and reporting needs of growing companies. The application can successively replace the timesheets with its great features and effectiveness. The Unique Selling Point for Everhour is the simplicity of the …

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Comindware Project : Simple to Use and Powerful Tool

Comindware Image

While there are many different types of industries such as Automobile, IT, Computer Hardware, etc and there are numerous companies working under them, but all of them share a common bond of work structure. There are a few officials working at the top level of the management, and then come the managers, who work under them, then you have engineers …

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