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Airset is a personal cloud computer with full of collaboration and productivity apps. You can come across many services all over the globe. This site offers you the services of mobile calendaring solution giving path to all global users a network of cloud computers. They offer a cloud computing solution that assists ordinary people control and organize their lives digitally, securely, and expediently. They are able to connect the several groups from their family, work, and community in one place.

It can keep track of calendars, contacts, and to-dos and organize your life while on the go. It is possible to organize your schedule; send reminders to your mobile device; sync to iPhone, iPad, and Outlook. You can also set due date reminders; use priority and status settings; folder organization and more. They offer the savor of store and tag your contacts; import from other apps; sync to your mobile device and take your contacts on the go.

They can collect and tags URLs while surfing the web; add annotations; import bookmarks. You can view and update calendars and contacts from your phone; available on smart phones and feature phones. It is possible to synchronize contact and calendar data with your Mac desktop apps or Outlook. You can able to gather your files anywhere; secure and encrypted storage; one-click backup; stores all file formats. They have many savors like back up your music files; create your play lists; listen to music while working in AirSet.

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