Message without Upsetting Others with MeMessage


With the advent and expansion of social media, it is quite obvious that people are more open to others and they don’t shy away from expressing their emotion and feelings. However, there are certain states of mind or certain emotions that bring rude gestures and humiliations from others and can hamper your social life. The unsuppressed urge of expressing yourself …

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Install Looky – Looky to Protect your iPhone from Unauthorized Access


Have you ever suspected someone taking a sneak peak of your iDevice without letting you know? If yes, then there is a new app for you. Looky – Looky is whole new way of getting on the nerves of the intruders to your privacy. This is an I-Phone specific application, which helps you keep the buggers away, and have a …

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Challenge Your Typing Skill with QDict

Q Dict

Word games are always fun to play and when you are playing against an opponent, the game temperature rise higher than infinity. It is a do or die contest in the multiplayer game and when your knowledge is challenged in such a game, then you are ought to provide your 100%. There are several word games on iTunes but most …

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Aquator : Under Water Explorer Battle


I don’t mind taking a deep breath and going under water for say, next 10 minutes and you better gear up yourself as well because I’m taking you with me. We’re going on an adventurous journey under the sea and find out the facts about life of sea creatures. Now that we’re deep under, why don’t we get to meet …

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Talking Duke Dog 2 : Special App for Pet Lovers

Talking Dog

The app Talking Duke Dog 2 is a free app optimized for the iPhone and the iPad. The Duke 2 is endowed with a host of unimaginable talents. He has a mischievous side to him that leads to getting him into several entertaining antics. It is an app that has been developed by Cloudburst Games, LLC and can be downloaded …

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PeepAdvice : App to Get Right Advice

Peep Advice

PeepAdvice is a free app developed by PeepAdvice Inc. for the iPhone. You can download it for free from the Apple store. The app makes it easy to get advice from experts as well as friends. You can receive advice quickly and also share it with your friends and others. For instance, if your roommates have asked you to buy …

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Keep In Touch With Your Favorite Artists and Bands with ROUSE!

Follow Stars

Many of you could have been facing increasing difficulties in finding and following your favorite music artists with so many different popular social networks around. “Rouse” has arrived with its claim of being the only app that combines the music, videos, pictures, tweets and much more from all artists and bands in one single place. Rouse aggregates content from various …

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Master Your Fighting Skills with Ultimate Stick Battle

Ultimate Stick Fight

You have found several action games on iTunes and if you are a real action game lover, then you must have downloaded a lot of them and had fun playing. However, the question is that how many of those games have actually taught you to fight? Not many for sure. The action games are about defeating the opponent, and not …

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I Ghost Your! – For Horror App Lovers


I don’t know how many out there are afraid of ghosts and how many have a daring heart to stand in front of their biggest horror ever! But what I know that there are many ghost hunters that I’ve seen in movies and I know that in real life they are far different from what they appear to us. So …

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Share and explore with WiFly Pro : iOS Application


If document sharing through Smartphone is what bothers you, then you have the right solution on iTunes. WiFly Pro is an application squeezed in the iTunes store from where it can be found and bought by the users. It is actually a beneficial unclouded service which lets you share and transfer the desired documents and other files between computer and …

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Live in The World of Lizards with Hungry Lizards


Lizards are found on walls but now you are going to find them on your mobile screen. The new app on iTunes, Hungry Lizards, has unveiled the journey of two special lizards in their quest to collect their food. You must have seen how the lizards move towards their target but when there is a bug crisis, they are desperate …

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MadAbout Slots : The Compact Package of Casino Games


If you are one of those casino enthusiasts who are ready to try any good casino game on the block, then MadAbout Slots Mobile Casino is the appropriate game for you. It consolidates the world of casino in your mobile by providing you access to the best of casino games in the world and everything comes with a bonus. These …

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