MadAbout Slots : The Compact Package of Casino Games


If you are one of those casino enthusiasts who are ready to try any good casino game on the block, then MadAbout Slots Mobile Casino is the appropriate game for you. It consolidates the world of casino in your mobile by providing you access to the best of casino games in the world and everything comes with a bonus. These …

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Shark Greedy : Enjoy Your Time With The Gaming App


Now, there is something new for the gamers in the wallet of iTunes; the classic comic inspired puzzle-action gamingapp Shark Greedy is out on its page. This time-limited free downloadable game was awaited for sometime and now finally it is there to make the gamers glued with their iPhone or iPad. This unique app is developed by Zhao Sheng and …

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My Virtual Boyfriend : Flirting and Fun on Mobile


The whole idea and perception of dating has changed over the years. Chivalry is now a novelty and the age of relationships has reduced quite a bit. With so many changes, another important aspect has also changed- finding a boyfriend. My Virtual Boyfriend, developed by WET productions Ltd, is an iOS app hat is here to revolutionize the concept of …

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Clashot : Earning a Side Income with Photography


Clashot is a free app developed by Depositphotos. Just imagine what it would be like if you were able to take photographs from the iPhone and then just add a few filters to create a stunning image. To add to this, you will even get paid for doing this. This is an app that amateur photographers can make use of …

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Vampire Run : An Arcade Type Running Game


Vampire Run is a free app on the lines of an endless runner, developed by Cinder Game for the iOS. It can be downloaded from the games category and consists of an endless 2D running from the left to the right, with the surroundings whipping past. The vampire awakens after sleeping for thousand years and is hungry for blood and …

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Canoodle : Helping you Find your Ideal Partner


Canoodle is a new social dating service that can help you connect with others based on Facebook interests. The app has been developed by Cupid plc and works by looking at shared interests, such as your favorite topics, the pages you like and the people you follow. These are then matched with other people having similar pursuits. The existing profiles …

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Music Tubee : The Best Music Player for All Times

Music Tubeee

Listening to Music is a favorite hobby for millions of people all over the world. Internet and the availability of music online has been a blessing for many, since we no longer need to record our favorite songs by doing endless searches. Any song can be listened to whenever and wherever we want with the help of technologies such as …

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Present Perfect : Present Yourself As You Want


It’s almost a habit for me now to get nervous and surrender to the circumstances whenever I’m meant to give a presentation in front of a number of people who are always looking into my eyes to see if I’m confident enough when I’m not. The main problem that I always encounter is that we’re always meant to give the …

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CollegeBooks : Find Best Companions in Your Pocket


Books are the true friends of humans. They never take you to the wrong path and no matter how boring that kind of friend is, it always teaches you something that you’ll remember throughout your whole life. I myself like reading fantasy and adventurous novels though philosophical are a rare choice. But the biggest disappointment is when the latest book …

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Let Medmory App Remember All Your Medicine Schedule


Your life requires you to remember a lot of things, from business deals to grocery bills and from medicines to credit card payments. In such a busy life, it is quite possible to forget a medicine or two which may have an impact on your treatment process. This is very common with people who have to take a lot of …

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Check your survival skills with Iron Run iOS Game

Iron Run

If you are a game enthusiast and the fast moving games fascinate you, then the Iron run, a game available on iTunes will surely going to give you an adrenalin rush. This is a fast moving game available for iphone users and it is already quite popular Germany, Italy, Brazil, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark Sweden, and Canada. It has been ranked …

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iDelete : No More Worries While Playing ‘SMS’ Pranks


Anger is always spontaneous and sometimes it collectively bursts out on a person who doesn’t even deserve it and just happens to be an innocent victim. It has been rightly said that spoken words are like arrows sped from a bow. Once released, they can’t be retrieved back. Also, it’s only a matter of seconds after which you realize your …

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