10-day Independence Day Sale with 70% Off the prices for all Educational Apps


United States of America – June 28, 2012 – StyleMobile Studio is pleased to announce a 10-day Independence Day Sale with 70% Off the prices for all our educational apps both for iPhone/iPad. Starting from June 28, 2012 and up until July 7, 2012 you can buy our apps at just $0.99. Don’t miss your chance to get an astounding …

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Whitesourcesoftware.com – Solutions on Your Tips


For those who are not introduced to the term “open source software”, then the term refers to computer software that is available in source code form and enables its users to use, modify, improve and even distribute at times. It aims to provide better quality to lower cost which is accessible to everyone. There is no cost of software as …

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Zipwhip.com – Messaging Made Easy through Website


Texting among friends and making fun of each other is a common attitude among everyone all over the world. If you get this wonderful experience irrespective of your mobile device or irrespective of Operating system or irrespective of other platforms then it’s really awesome. Zipwhip offers one such fantastic feature which can be easily accessed from any device or any …

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MetaTrader 4 – Android App to Tap and Trade

Metatrader 4

I’ve not been into Forex trading a lot, but I understand that for those who do, must be very busy all the day on their PC. For many, trading is a part time job while some rely on it totally for their business. So, it’s been difficult for a person to remain at the screen for 24 hours, especially when …

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File2Cart.com – The Automatic Database Update Scheduler for Stores

File 2 Cart

File2Cart is an automated online service that provides a fast and accurate means of importing data from a file to major shopping carts. Developed by MagneticOne, a fast-growing company in the eCommerce domain, the File2Cart automatically imports databases of information to over 35 supported shopping carts. The tool lets users easily accomplish tedious procedures in online store management and greatly …

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Fun Football Euro 2012 – Extend Your Support for the Best Team

Fun Football

Playing games in gadgets is always fun, Playing football in gadgets gives you extra fun. Well it’s the right time to play the football and support your team. It’s the beginning of Euro 2012, so give your support to your favorite team. Fun Football has launched its Euro 2012 Edition in the right time to gain its reputation. Believe me …

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Lucky Lottery Number Generator – App to Decide your Luck


Gambling is always fun when you implement some tips and tricks to fine tune your luck. When playing a gambling game Keno, it’s always fun to get help and assistance from experts. One such wonderful auto generated expert is Lottery number generator app. This app helps you generate unique lottery numbers which gives you more chances of winning the prize …

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Kid’s Puzzle Lite – Entertainment on the Go

Kidz Puzzle

The one thing which constantly worries parents these days is to see their kids playing too much of games in the mobile / iPad / laptop. This is of course the same case in each and every home. Kids these days fine gadgets and devices highly attractive and start using the mobiles and iPad’s at a very early stage. Children …

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Socialdefender.com – All in One Social Media Manager

Social Defender

The growth of social media network is reaching its peak day by day. In the meantime the usage of social media websites and tools has increased triple the time. In an enthusiasm everybody would like to register in all new social media networks and everybody would be interested in sharing their friend’s circle about the new social media network, but …

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Ipsilon Developments – Site Monitoring Service On the Go !


Do you own a site? If yes, then most of the owners are part time bloggers and generally have a regular job as well. While some of them own a site just to share their blogs with everyone while some others take it as a good source of money, whether it is ad sense, pay per click or any other …

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PDF Connoisseur – Must Have iPad App for Document Handling


PDF Connoisseur is an application for the iPad that allows reading and editing of Acrobat PDF files with ease. The application is packed with features and has a built-in manual that introduces every function of the application. One of the nice features of the application is that you can introduce text to speed to a paragraph of text within the …

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GeoEdge.com – Gets You Closer to Your Audience


Software that covers complete geography of the web world and lets you get closer to your audience. In general whenever we visit a website it only shows the website as it is seen in your own country or region. The same website could appear completely different in some other country. Same goes with the advertisements, media and newsfeeds. Each country …

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