Tapping into Your Winning Ways

Tasty Png

Find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a winner! A big part of realizing your potential is pushing yourself to the limits. Luckily, that’s really easy to do when it comes to social gaming. As the UKs most popular social game, online bingo has rapidly asserted itself. It’s no wonder that more people are turning to bingo …

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Namaste: Say Hello to the world around you


With the west invading our country India, a good part of the Indian culture is also being eroded away. It is high time we return to the roots of this lovely culture. To begin with, we could start getting to know the people around us by saying Namaste, which means Hello in Hindi. The aim of the Android app Namaste …

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Enjoy your Work Day on Android Mobile with Construction Crew

Construction Crew

If you are interested in playing construction games with great graphics then the new game, Construction Crew is going to give you real, kid like fun. The construction game is made for one and all and each of your family members can enjoy the game. It is a crew based game where you can control 12 vehicles with your skill …

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Destroy your Enemies and Move Ahead in Glidefire


Racing games with some mission and some action have always made their mark in the world of iTunes game and the new ones that are getting released need to place a new story and interesting graphics in order to stand strong in the market. These two things are done properly by the game named Glidefire which is an aerospace battle …

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Learn Punctuation in Minutes with Ezcomma


Android platform has rendered its technical hand in presenting some of the most useful apps in the world and the varied range of apps have solved different problems related to day to day work life and hobbies. Today, you can do a lot of things with the technical apps on play store and with the new app Ezcomma you can …

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Outfield – A Must Have Tool for Your Sales Team

Out Field

As a field representative of a company, your job is to contact the store owners/managers, meet them and look out for any possible sale opportunities. But when you’re visiting more than 50 such stores per day, how can you expect to keep a record of each such meeting? Also, how do you rate each such meeting? Obviously each interaction is …

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Casino.com HD: Casino Fun with Huge Benefits

Casino Com

Casinos are a favourite pastime among many. However, with the busy and hectic lifestyles, it is hard to take out time to visit a real casino. This concept resulted in the birth of numerous online casino games, each different from the other. Casino.com HD is one among these many apps. This iOS app, however, provides full satisfaction to players, looking …

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AskYourHeart App – An Unheard Voice !

Ask Your Heart

“If you listen to your heart, you’ll reach your destiny”. This was the message of Paolo Coelho in his remarkable work The Alchemist. But amidst all this noise, you just find it too weak to be heard. When your brain commands the exact opposite of what your heart says, it’s very difficult to disobey it especially in a world where …

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Race at your Best Speed with Racing Tyres Space


If racing games are your forte then high speed should be your limit of enthusiasm. There are several racing games on iTunes that you can download for free or by paying a small amount but not all of them can give you adrenalin rush. If you want to feel the spark and zeal of the game, it is worth downloading …

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OMG! Fortune FREE Slots

Free Slots

If you happen to like gambling and are in search of a new online casino to make a fortune, then OMG! Fortune FREE Slots will serve you this purpose. This Android app brings to you a wealth of casino games in a single app.  These games range from currency multipliers to mini games to bonuses to free coins and much …

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Play Pirate Legends TD and Tickle your Adventurous Bone!


Pirate Legends TD, released in August 2014, is one of the most amazing tower defense games ever, despite the already-existing abundance of tower defense games on mobile. Pirate Legends TD offers a superior quality experience and stands out with a real AAA quality title. The best thing about this game is that it has got the depth of the Age …

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