How Can You Improve Your Business With A Mobile App


Since almost everything is digitalized nowadays if you want to be different from your competition you must invest in your business image. A website simply isn’t enough today and almost every business has one. Creating a mobile application for your business is definitely a not so big investment that can bring so many benefits. It does not matter if your …

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Five Ways To Support Employees Under Pressure


No one has ever said that achieving goals in the workplace is an easy feat. Hard work and dedication come hand-in-hand with pressure and often anxiety. While some thrive under the influence of deadlines and high expectations, even the hardiest of personalities can crash and burn without a proper support structure. As a boss or manager, it is up to …

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Workplace Inefficiency: Is it Time to Review Your Processes?


Have you ever thought about the number of processes that you follow during the average working day? There will be dozens. You are a creature of habit, and whether the processes are defined in formal business guidelines or whether you do them out of routine, you do them. You follow the same steps to carry out your routine tasks – …

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Have you ever worked with a database or still working with it in your daily profession. If yes, then you’ve likely worked with the CRUD operations. Didn’t get? You’ve used it so many times, but may not be familiar with this acronym. Basically, it stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) and these are the 4 basic functions of …

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Start your own Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptoex Image

Cryptocurrency Exchange is one of most attractive business model in modern day world. The global finance market is changing and most people are ready to invest in Cryptocurrencies. There is a good business scope in this market segment Apart from Technology, Security and Brand, the investors are more attracted towards the User Experience and the Support. This makes it possible …

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Learn new skills the smart way with Skills Co.


The internet is great, isn’t it? Think of any skill… there’s probably a place online you can go to learn it. The issue is that learning a new skill often involves a lot of wasted time, sitting through an eternity of ads while you watch video tutorials or wading through blog posts full of questionable advice. Skills Co – available …

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Nab It – Be The Ninja And Grab Gold Coins From The Travelers


Ninja, the word by itself is quite crazy. Appearing from nowhere and defeating the enemies in split seconds is the fantasy part of the Ninja world that almost all of us would love. The love for Ninja fantasy can be met to a fair extent by playing Ninja games on our mobile devices. The App Store is loaded with tons …

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YAPA – Send And Receive Yaps: A New Level Of Social media!


Sharing statuses on various social media platform helps in sharing your moments; YAPA is one of a kind social media platform where people find it really easy to share their moods and many other related things: everything is done to make it easy and possible to get relieved of the mental stress! The sharing of content called Yaps: could be …

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Yoke ー the only social app you need in 2019


There are a lot of social media apps, but how many of them actually allow you to be social with friends and family? Commenting, liking, and messaging is great, but meeting up in real life is better. Yoke is a brand new social app that aims to make the world smaller. The app does this by showing you who in …

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