How to Rank in Google for Your Brand Name

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In theory, ranking first for the name of your brand shouldn’t be very hard. However, the increasing competition is making it harder and harder to dominate Google rankings. The specialists who created the online real estate platform Bricks + Agent are here to explain what you can do in order to rank first for the name of your brand and in order to dominate the top positions in the search results.

Metadata Titles and Descriptions

If what you want is to rank for the name of your brand then it is imperative to referencing the title of your company in every single Meta description and title. By doing this, you will be highlighted in the search results, and seen as a more relevant suggestion. If you do not want to do this with your Metadata on every page, then at least make sure you do it on the About Us page, the Home page, and the Contact page.

Create Social Profiles

Your social profiles are a great way to appear in the search results and dominate the rankings. By creating good and consistent profiles on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube, you will be given authority and you have more chances of showing in Google search results. Once you have created the social media pages by using the exact same brand name, address, and phone number, it is imperative to post fresh content regularly. You can do this by linking all your profiles to your blog. Keep in mind that profiles that are up-to-date will usually dominate the first ten positions in search results.

Create Google My Business and Bing Places Listings

Creating Google My Business and Bing Places profiles is an important step towards becoming more popular and dominating the brand related search terms. Always ensure that you include the full name of your brand in the title and that you create an accurate and qualitative description of both profiles. If you have several locations or branches you can create one profile for each one.

Create Local Profiles

Creating local profiles is yet another useful technique that will help you dominate the search results. Create profiles for your company on popular sites like Yellowpages, White Pages, Yelp, Qype, Manta, or Brown Book in order to force the search engines to associate the brand name with your location, phone number, website, and email address. You can encourage your past clients to leave reviews, as these can also increase your popularity.

Write on Your Brand Blog Regularly

Generally, a blog will rank separately to the website, but a blog will also offer you a platform where you can promote and mention your brand openly.


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