Money Penny

If you’re a freelancer or running a small business, a startup or a large company, it may be a difficult task for you to deal with your clients; keeping track of receipts and capturing expenses; dealing with tax reports; etc. Moreover, you spend a lot of time on doing paperwork and usually you would think of buying a number of …

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Sticker Market:Emoji Keyboard – IOS App Review

Stickers Apps400

Sticker Market, an application found in the App Store, brings about a fancy and an eloquent way to express yourself to the others while you chat with them in an application of your choice. It’s an all-in-one podium with a bunch of stickers, GIFs and fancy face emojis. You can demonstrate exactly what you feel by choosing the most appropriate …

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Will Wealth Words Make Me Rich? – Review

Wealth Words Appslisto 700x466

A simple crossword puzzle webapp, Wealth Words takes the traditional idea of the crossword, and adds an exciting new element: prizes and gambling. It allows its players to gamble the tokens they purchase each game they play, for the chance to win big cash prizes. In recent times, the popularity of internet based gambling games has drastically increased, and Wealth …

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Bus Simulator 17 – REVIEW


The latest Android based smartphones have emerged on the scene with high-end specs that is enabling the app and game developers to develop exceptional mobile games and applications for the users. It is hard to see an Android phone without a few games installed that the users usually download from the Google Play Store. Gaming is there right from the …

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How to Test Application Security: 7 Best Techniques

Security Testing

Do I even need to tell how important the web and mobile apps security is these days? With all that digital lifestyle we are totally vulnerable to hacks and data theft. Shopping, bills handling, banking, and so on – our credentials are at constant risk of being exposed to applications’ security breaches. But still, we trust the developers to ensure …

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CM Security Master Antivirus – Review

Cm Antivirus Appslisto 700x397

There are many things about the CM Security Master Antivirus that makes it a great app to have on any android phone. It is a Security app that has gathered over 100 million customers which is proof of its popularity. Cheetah Mobile who are its developers have successfully created an all in one app that has features which are; free …

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Website Builder – REVIEW


  SimDif Website Builder Android App Review written by: codervj1 The future is of smartphones. Recent times saw a huge surge in mobile usage, and that makes it important for mobile to be able to do whatever a computer can. So why not build a website on mobile? That’s what the SimDif Website Builder Android app does for you. The …

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Pronto: The Most Secured Messaging App

Pranto Appslisto Cover 700x466

Pronto is an application where a user is allowed to create and send disappearing messages to any of the friends. Moreover, the user can use Pronto any messaging application which makes it user-friendly and unique from others. Pronto uses confide secret messages to maintain the integrity of private messages. Pronto not only sends text messages but also sends photos and …

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Laleoo – Snap and Share : iOS App Review

Laleoo Appslisto 700x416

The #1 new video-sharing app on the market! Laleoo is now the go-to social media app for photo and video sharing with others. This new advance video-sharing app is set to agitate the video messaging market by enabling users to collect every photos or videos taken automatically in real time, and adds them to a post called moments. EAILY SNAP …

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NocNock :Who’s At The Door?

Nocnock Appslisto Cover 700x447

The NocNock app created by Sheppard Partners Inc. Business with the aim of Communicating better with the most important people in your life.It is the world’s first mobile, social assessment tool with a focus on helping its users create better relationships. NocNocK is the first tool to have made these insights for free without premium charges. It is first tool …

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Easeus Webapprater

In this present world, most of the generation know how to operate a PC more than the educated people. The reason being, we are machine dependent today and learning new things about computer has become a necessity more than cooking food. Computers have become a part of the syllabus nowadays. But there are many things which can’t be handled by …

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Phone Emoji Stickers – iPhone App Review

Phone Emoji Stickers 700x466

Is today’s innovation a help or a boycott? Obviously, it’s an aid for the new era, yet our older folks don’t think so! As indicated by them, this new innovation has made individuals reliant on it. It has decreased human endeavors and made us languid. Old individuals imagine that human life was better before science assumed control. I don’t believe …

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