Children Solving Math Puzzles By Unraveling Detective Cases With DetecThink App

Detect Think

The aspect of children learning through play not makes them to have great fun but also helps them to practice their cognitive and imagination skills in solving problems. Meanwhile, the subject of mathematics has always offered a challenging experience to many kids. Thus, getting an app that can offer a great way to solve different math puzzle in an entertaining …

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KunbaHR : The Ultimate Solution For Managing Human Resources

Hr Made Easy

One of the most crucial departments in an organization is absolutely the human resource. In most cases, it deals with the entire management of different operations in the company. These may include hiring and retrenching of staff, business administration, strategic management and even other day-to-day activities of the company. Some businesses do not thrive well because they do not have …

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Drone Lander: Android App Review

Drone Lander Appslisto

It is an era of technology where everyone is somewhere associated with the technology and many of us has a interest in military technology, adventure and gadgets. One of such result of technology is drone. Most of us know about drones. The term drone is thrown around in a haphazard manner these days. To the military, they are UAV’s (Unmanned …

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What U See : Explore the world through phone cameras

What U See

What U See (Free) by S.Y What- you- see LTD is a great video streaming and social networking app for users worldwide. It allows you to watch live videos around the world and broadcast what is happening around you. This can be super fun for people who wants to explore the world and make new friends. The What U See …

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Look and Find App Game : A Fantastic Adventure

Look N Find Appslisto

One interesting thing that can make a kid to have a fantastic moment is by playing an exciting game. However, there is need to consider that the game not only entertain the kid but also offer great learning that can boost mental and visual skills. One such interesting game is the newly released Look & Find app game. This fantastic …

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BadgeBox: Perfect For Automated Employee Time Tracking and Analyzing Data

Badge Box

Most businesses tend to face challenge when it comes to tracking the performance of their employees and coming up with accurate business analysis of the overall performance. This can place the business at a critical position where it cannot be able to properly manage its operations as required. How about getting an effective tool that can highly assist in boosting …

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Pacer – iPhone App Review

Pacer Appstimes 1

Looking for a good pedometer isn’t as easy as people think. Often times you spend on the wrong one and regret later. But there’s nothing like having a fitness guide right at your fingertips. With pacer iPhone app this is exactly what you get. It is your own fitness guide that stays with you forever. Since it is a mobile …

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Planet Matrix : Fun, Entertaining iphone Game

Planet Matrix Webapprater

Planet matrix is an extremely popular and addictive puzzle game that is inspired by many of the classic puzzle games. The theme of the game is very indulging and the colourful graphics just attracts your eyes. The game’s music is unique and quite soothing to the ears.The game is basically based on a monkey named Fourier who leaves his jungle …

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Elmedia – Mac Media Player : Review

Elmedia Apps400

Every Apple Mac comes with QuickTime Player. However, there are several missing features in there that restricts how Mac users view and handle the videos they watch. With the help of Elmedia Player, many of these limitations can be removed. However, there are still some shortfalls of this software. Layout The interface is pretty much similar to that of iTunes. …

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My Alarm Clock- Android App Review

Alarm Clock Appslisto

Have you been searching for a perfect alarm that will wake you up in the morning? Are you tired of those wall alarms that produce weird sounds that are not appealing? Today I am introducing to you a new alarm clock that is just excellent. A very creative developer known as Apalon Apps has released a new android alarm known …

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Manage Credit Card Instantly: High Quality Managing and Tracking

Credit Card

The ability of an individual to manage credit card at any time or day can be quite amazing. This will not only save on time trying to track different transactions but also help an individual to efficiently undertake different operations with a peace of mind. In this current dynamic world where credit cards play a critical role in undertaking transactions, …

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Cinderly App:Try Out Fashionable Customized Styles

Cinderly Apps400

The world of fashion has always exhibited amazing and colorful designs that have left the crowd with a spectacle. Ranging from mermaid outfits to Kawaii designs, the celebrities have always been on the forefront in showcasing these amazing designs. The good news is that the Theoretical Mass LLC is giving the users of its amazing Cinderly app an opportunity to …

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