5 Must Read Project Management Books

Every successful project managers has been inspired by some expert in industry. They may follow the ways of them by reading their notes, books or blogs. Yes, there are plenty of experts are publishing the tricks and tactics on project management. In this fast world people are not having time to even read daily news paper. In this blog, I …

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Ganttic.com – Visual Resource Planning


There are many expedient web applications which can be spot with profitable savors. It has many ingenious features where the global users enjoyed experiencing the valuable savors. This discreet web application holds unique savors where the global users are cinch satisfied in absorbing their persuasive savors. There are prospective users who appreciated this ameliorated web application for better introduction to …

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Semantic Technology Conference – SEMTECH 2011


Happy to announce this news for computer and marketing professional. Yes, most awaited, The semantic technology conference SEMTECH-2011 is going to be held on June 5-9 , 2011 at the Hilton Union Square in downtown San Francisco. Totally conference will be held in 5 days and it includes presentations, panels, tutorials, product launch,announcement and interactive conversation. Conference will be the …

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Sandglaz.com- Collaborative Task Management


This web application has been given importance to the prioritization which has come out with more simplified concepts. You can still come across like Stars, exclamation marks and highlighters which are out dated. The potent tasks are grouped into cells in this web application by importance and how soon you require completing them. You can cinch simply drag and drop …

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Dialmycalls.com – Innovative Communication


Among several valuable web applications this will be considered most successful application flourishing in the global market. It offers anyone tap into the power of sending voice or text message broadcasts to an entire phone list in seconds. You don’t need for hardware or equipment to buy. Just you can record & send your messages out to 2 or 200,000 …

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SpiderScribe.net- Modern Way to Brainstorm

In modern day of technologies you can find many cogent web applications which results exclusive merit oriented savors for the global users. Thus you can get adroit apps daily in order to facilitate international consumers and assuage them professionally. With this potent web application it provides persuasive features which holds effective for the users. It is good and cinch to …

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6 Free Project Management Tools

Success of project is purely depends on how effective we are planning and executing the project and nothing more than that. It is not necessary to do all project management activities by manual and of course we can use pre-designed tools or applications to manage our projects. It is not that much easy for all project handling people to avail …

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20 Twitter Promotion Ideas for Your Business


Twitter – The short word rules the Internet marketing world. Twitter is one of the most powerful social medium which can bring us the business success in a tremendous way. Twitter proves the power of social community and need of social bond for business. We can define twitter as a social medium, money earning medium, social communication medium, entertaining medium …

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Super Squirrel- Challenging iphone Game

Every day you come across successful exploration of scientific technology yielding merit oriented iphone application game developments which cause to end up much more interesting features. It is possible to witness some discreet familiar iphone games and application. There are quite still International users where they find hard stick to utilize the iphone games and application properly. In general the …

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6 Tips to Select Right Project Management Tool

Choosing the right project management tool can woo or boo your business dealings as these tools help you to be organized and is essential that you choose the right tools, which has the right utilities to suit your needs and the right level of security. However,the success of your project will ultimately depend on the people whom you are working …

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Birdviewprojects.com –Project Management for Acumen Teams

By learning carefully all information about this web application the web users would make global user’s job easier for utilizing apt savors from this web application. The web application exhibits vivid features and constructive utilization which in turn helps web users to attain maximum gain. The idea of proclaiming the web application by web users is that to make clear …

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Threehr.com – Hang out with Real Friends

Threehr web application has got adroit and ingenious social network marvel to bring people together in the real factual world. With other existing social networks, the main social interaction is not real. This expedient web application culminates the importance of the moment and over turns it into a social event. You can also in deed turn small outing into an …

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