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A new browsing tool, has been introduced into the web with the motto of making the web browsing experience even more enjoyable for the users. With time internet has developed as one of the largest resources of information; and in order to grab the right information and assistance right at the time you need it; the users need to …

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Faceless VPN Connection : An Invisible Walk over Internet


It would be completely right if I say that “Internet is Exploited”, right? While a large portion of the society would favour the statement, but there are still some that are against it and I’m one of them. Internet provides you what you ask for. So if your demand is wrong, then be careful what you wish for. In fact, …

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Enchanting Diabolical Puzzle Game the Art of Darkness

Art Of Darkness

For the gamers here is yet again another interesting puzzle solving game launched by Booty Bay Limited. The famous developer of the game Tap Pet Party has come up with a latest and improved version of the popular game Art of Darkness. So, if by any chance, you have not played the game before, this is the high time to …

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Lose Weight Effectively with KetoDiet iPad App


Losing weight is a difficult job if you don’t know what to eat and how to manage your increasing body weight. While there are several diets available on the web, most of them will only provide you with the things you can take during the diet but you may not be able to make good recipes with those ingredients.  KetoDiet …

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Diamond Database : Pick the Right One !


Diamond – the most precious stone on planet earth. They are the rarest elements and obviously have a reason to be sitting on the wedding ring of every beautiful and of course, rich couple. A small piece of this stone is enough to make a girl go crazy for her boyfriend and like love, it never lasts. So if you …

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Yutongo : Propelling Collaborative Creative Thinking Online


Yutongo has launched a unique service for the creative minds across the world. Creative designers often feel under pressure of creating new concepts and ideas within a steep time frame; the fast paced, highly competitive world often leave the creative people with little time to create something really new; however, with the unique service from yutongo, now the creative minds …

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Ubirimi – The Fresh Name In The Project Management Software World


Ubirimi has launched a versatile project management product suite that focuses on simplicity, ease of use and fast product maturity. The company offers the entire suite in one deal enabling the companies to have the best software platform from the very beginning. The company also ensures, free of cost future updates in case it is in action, and strive to …

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iSkysoft PDF to Word for Mac: Easier and Faster


PDF documents have one big advantage and one big problem and they interchange their places in different situations. For example, if you created any assignment with your own hard work (without copying someone else’s), then it’s best to save it in the PDF format so that no one can copy it and no one can alter it (because you didn’t …

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The Latest Horse Racing Betting Apps

Horse Racing William Hill

Betting on horse races is no doubt one of the best kinds of enjoyments money can buy, it not only proposes a great chance of earning quick money but at the same time it provides you the thrill of being a part of an incredibly first paced live game. However, the busy life schedule, and pressure of the professional life …

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Make Meetings More Effective with 6 Boxes


being an essential part of business discussion, lots of problems arise while communicating via web. Even when you participate in a face to face meeting, possibilities are there that certain points may be missed and thus you need something that can remove these difficulties. Customer Enterprise Ltd brings an app for the iTunes users to make the process easy and …

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Planner Guide : A Simple Aid to Complex Problems

The Planner Guide

“The world is as beautiful as our eyes are”. This statement is applicable to every single person living on this planet earth. So while there are many of us who can enjoy the warmth of sunlight on a cold winter day and go out on the beach on a sunny day, there are many of us who don’t know the …

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CAM2ME to Protect Your Family from All Odds


Protecting your family, specially your children, from all odds of life is your primary goal and you can never ignore their security even when you are not with them. Similarly, if you have a business, it is essential to know what is going on in your office in your absence to ensure complete safety of data and equipments. While surveillance …

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