Powerful Python Webware Review


The Python Power Python uses Object Oriented concept and is an interpreted high level programming language. It supports high level data structures and facilitates dynamic typing and binding. Python is very useful in RAD (Rapid application development) as well as a scripting language for integration within the components. It’s easy to learn the syntax of python and emphasis is more …

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i1der.com – App to Get Answers for All your Questions


Have you ever wanted to ask a question just to hear what other people think? i1der (i wonder) makes that possible by providing you with a way to ask all its users or just people you invite. The page itself looks like an iPod/iPhone application, as you only use one page and the text just comes alive. This web app …

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Searchenabler.com – Must Try SEO Software for Business

Search Enable

SearchEnabler is an online Search Engine Optimization platform that, according to the developer – Quickolabs, provides various methods to increase the client’s website visibility by increasing overall ranking in search engines. SearchEnabler offers its clients the opportunity to increase its overall ranking in the organic searches- the non-paid search results with several interesting features. Here are some of the features …

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Mytaskbooster.com – Powerful Task Management Tool

Task Booster

Tired of forgetting your daily tasks? Are you always thinking that you forgot something? My Task Booster( Online Task Management Tool ) can help you remember your daily tasks so you can manage your time efficiently and effortlessly. Task Booster will help you keep track of your tasks on their webpage with a simple process. Signing up only takes a …

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Tellmycircle.com – Best Referral Business to Earn

Tell My Circle

Tell my Circle is a great way to earn rewards, discounts or other recognitions for a simple thing: recommend the business to your circle of friends. Tell my Circle is a great service that provides you with information about your friend’s recommendations as well as yours. Whether you think that you’re a good influencer or not, Tell my Circle helps …

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Quoteroller.com – Proposal Software for Successful Business


Do you always have to copy paste your proposals for various clients? Why not implement a tool that has the template already done for you? Quote Roller is an essential tool to have you personalize each proposal as well as fast delivery. Quote Roller also allows you to keep your terms and conditions as a template for their quick proposal …

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Top 6 Ways to Market a Web Application

Top 6 Web Application

If you think that the web application that you created is going to be successful within a year, then you are wrong. To deliver tangible results out of the web application sales this is necessary that you develop a proper marketing strategy. Let us explore the top six and the most prominent way to spread the word about marketing a …

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Apollohq.com – Best in Project and Contact Management


A new era has begun, and web applications such as Apollo have revolutionized the way that you manage your projects and contacts. The best things about Apollo are that you require no installation CD’s, no downloads required and, best of all, great service. So what is Apollo? Apollo provides project and contact management that gives you important tools to develop …

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Find Your Soulmate Online with These Great Applications


If you have not found any success in the dating world, you may need to look to online dating to find your perfect match. Dating websites have been a popular solution for those looking for their personal match for years, and many happy couples have found true happiness by using one of these great services. The world of online dating …

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6 Must Have Web Apps for Students


With recent advent of technology in the mobile computing, students have started to rely on this technology for their studies more than before. This means there are going to be developers working sincerely developing applications that will be useful to make life easier for them and more technological classroom sessions. Here we are going to discuss such applications that will …

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SalonMonster.com – Online Booking Software


It is a fully web-based application that will provide both the managers of salons and spas and their customers save a lot of time. This site supports an increasing number of stylists and client. By this site you can utilize all the booking process taking place online.

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TransferWise.com – Online Money Transfer

Transfer Wise

This startup effectively lets you transfer money at true rates, and not the ones charged by banks and brokers. It is an online currency exchange service which permits people to exchange currency using mid-market rates for a flat fee.

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