Alchemy Classic – Challenging Android App to Try


With over fourteen thousand ratings and almost a five star rating on the iTunes store, you can confirm that Alchemy Classic is one of those games that you just won’t put down. Made as a remake of the MS-DOS game: Alchemy, Alchemy Classic brings the best out of every old school player. Alchemy is basically a game where you combine …

Read More – Best Way to Get Customer Feedback

Use Response

Whenever you have that business and you have your first sale, you want to keep those customers and you want them to recommend you. The whole process to begin with is just hard to do and many businesses tend to fail. How do you keep customer loyalty and promote your business with a new experience for both customers and their …

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Diet & Calories Tracker Pro – Must Have Fitness App


If you want a New Year’s Resolution that you can actually keep this New Year or if you already started on your resolution and you feel the need to have someone help you, try out Diet and Calories Tracker Pro. There is absolutely no need to go to a specialist when you need to measure your daily calorie intake, which …

Read More – Way to Create Viral Landing Page for Business

Kick Off Labs

Looking for an application to make your brand shine? If you feel like your brand isn’t spreading enough, maybe it’s time to take out the big guns. Kick-off is an application developed for business owners who need to make landing pages and want to go viral. Making websites can be a pain if you do not have the knowledge. However, …

Read More – Easy SMS Reminder Service


Have you ever had clients that never showed up to an important meeting? Have you ever had people (that are part of your company) tell you that they needed a reminder in order to meet an important deadline or attend a meeting? AppointmentSMS is a web application service that enables SMS alerts and reminders to forgetful people. In fact, it …

Read More – Easy Online Countdown Timer


Every time you search for a tool to use on your Apple device, you keep noticing that there are apps. However, if you are not used to spending hours in the app market until every application appears on your search bar, you can use a simple online application that you can bookmark when you have a deadline that you need …

Read More – Clever Choice for Recruiting Staffs


Once you have a small or medium business and you need to recruit employees, it can be hard to work with qualified people who live in other countries. How do you even start to recruit? Zartis (social recruiting software ) has all the answers for businesses that need to recruit employees by using social media and other tools. You don’t …

Read More – Powerful Project Management Tool for Freelancers


Having issues as a solo freelancer? Solo may be just what you need in order to organize yourself and increase productivity as a freelancer. The best part about this project management web application is that you can access your data anytime, anywhere and you are also able to do so without installations or any kind of software necessary. All you …

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6 Must have Web applications for SEO Professional

Seo 6

If there is one more booming industry that is going to flourish in the online world for a long time, then my forecast is the use of web applications for Search Engine Optmisation (SEO). This I say because, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become a necessity and will be one of the most thriving industry with more and more people …

Read More – SaaS Technolgy on Online Ecommerce Store

Made Freshly

Having any kind of store and having to hire someone with computer knowledge is hard and painful to your wallet when you want to open your store online. Luckily, technology these days is so advanced, that we have web application websites, in which you can easily do anything without any kind of HTML coding, Java or Flash. All you need …

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30 Useful Blogging Tips for Beginners


Blog – your private place to write what you passionate about and no one will restrict your writing. Blogging is the way to show your talent and passion on the subject you involved. Creating blog and making posts is easy, but sending it to right audience is little difficult task. You need to know some tricks to reach the readers. …

Read More – Powerful Backlog Management Tool

Easy Back Log

Wish you had an easier way to manage your projects and your business in general? Wish you had an assistant to write everything down and organize it so that you can present it effectively? Easy Backlog is described as a time saving backlog management tool that allows easier information gathering for agencies with multiple and simultaneous projects. In other words, …

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