NoteLedge®- Your Very Own Mobile Journal


Have you been fascinated with the quintessential idea of maintaining your very own personalized journal? A diary where you can preserve your most cherished memories, photographs and write-up? If so, then NoteLedge® is just the right app for you. Once again, Apple brings you this brand new app which is all- encompassing. You can pen down your thoughts, write down …

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Tiny Owls Free – An Attractive Game for All Ages

Tiny Owls Free

Rescue and find games are always very interesting, and there are many games in the market that are based on this concept. This evidently proves the high success rates of these kind of games. Tiny Owls is one such rescue and find game available for iPhones that also has an enticing effect on the players. The Tiny Owls app has …

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Face Reading Booth App – Find Secrets behind Faces

Face Reading Booth

If you are interested in what the future holds for you, you do not have to go see a psychic anymore. The Face Reading Booth is an interesting app that provides an accurate means to read a face, be it yours or your friends. With this app, you will discover that your face can have horoscopes and tarot cards. Developed …

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Meta Trader 5 – FOREX Trading Made Easy


The Meta Trader 5 is an application for mobile phones and it gives accurate and reliable information associated with FOREX trading including real-time data for the iPhones and iPads. The Meta Trader 5 has been developed and launched by Meta Quotes Software Corp. The app requires iOS 4.0 or later and can be downloaded from the App Store for free. …

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Rocket Space – Explore Beyond Limits


Have you ever taken a minute out your busy life and stared at that sky? Those twinkling stars are just amazing to watch. One can even spend a complete day looking and admiring their beauty. But there is much more far beyond our imagination in the outer space that we can just dream to see with our eyes one day. …

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Red Bull Mission Control – Addictive Game For All Ages

Redbull Mission Control

Most of the adults and the younger people are engrossed in their work in a way that they don’t have time to sit down and play games. But the small child in them always longs to play games when they are given a chance. Red Bull Mission Control app is a perfect app for all those game lovers which is …

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MetaTrader 4 – Forex Trading Made Easy on iOS Device


The MetaTrader 4 platform, which is one of the most popular Forex trading platforms, is now available as an iOS app free of cost. This new app is now compatible with all devices. It can be downloaded from the app store. It has many new features, worlds, levels and has many exciting sound effects with much more fun. You can …

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NicePrints – Your Albums in Seconds

Nice Prints

We often hear people say that “A picture is worth a thousand words”! This is indeed a true fact as pictures are priceless memories that capture beautiful moments in time, whether at a family holiday, wedding or birthday. All of us have all our pictures stored digitally in numerous devices and it becomes cumbersome to gather them and sort it …

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SketchStorm iPad App – Deep Down Your Mind

Sktech Storm

“An idea can change your life”. No doubt the statement is true but it is not that significant until execution i.e. a spark enlightens up your mind. There are some posts where your only job is to find that right idea that will change the course of time of the world. For example, advertisers, architects, painters, etc. Their core quest …

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Space Mathematics iOS App – Learning is Fun


Basic building blocks are the most important aspect to build a concept in any field. The same applies to mathematics where multiplication tables are the fundamentals. You cannot avoid learning them as they are applied everywhere. That’s why school teachers devote so much time to help the children learn these tables using different ways. But still, there are some voids …

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Roulette King Insight Bet-Turbo: App For Accurate Betting

InsightBet TURBO

Imagine the situation where you can make most out of your Las Vegas trip and strike a fortune with it, which is the dream of almost any person who visits the casinos in these places. Out of the many games that are available in the casinos, the old Roulette’s always has a special place, no matter how many decades has …

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PDF Connoisseur – Must Have iPad App for Document Handling


PDF Connoisseur is an application for the iPad that allows reading and editing of Acrobat PDF files with ease. The application is packed with features and has a built-in manual that introduces every function of the application. One of the nice features of the application is that you can introduce text to speed to a paragraph of text within the …

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