SketchStorm iPad App – Deep Down Your Mind

Sktech Storm

“An idea can change your life”. No doubt the statement is true but it is not that significant until execution i.e. a spark enlightens up your mind. There are some posts where your only job is to find that right idea that will change the course of time of the world. For example, advertisers, architects, painters, etc. Their core quest …

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Space Mathematics iOS App – Learning is Fun


Basic building blocks are the most important aspect to build a concept in any field. The same applies to mathematics where multiplication tables are the fundamentals. You cannot avoid learning them as they are applied everywhere. That’s why school teachers devote so much time to help the children learn these tables using different ways. But still, there are some voids …

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Roulette King Insight Bet-Turbo: App For Accurate Betting

InsightBet TURBO

Imagine the situation where you can make most out of your Las Vegas trip and strike a fortune with it, which is the dream of almost any person who visits the casinos in these places. Out of the many games that are available in the casinos, the old Roulette’s always has a special place, no matter how many decades has …

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PDF Connoisseur – Must Have iPad App for Document Handling


PDF Connoisseur is an application for the iPad that allows reading and editing of Acrobat PDF files with ease. The application is packed with features and has a built-in manual that introduces every function of the application. One of the nice features of the application is that you can introduce text to speed to a paragraph of text within the …

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Raah Tracker – GPS Location Tracking System


Raah Tracker is a vehicle GPS location tracking systems that runs on the iPhone. The application uses the iPhone’s GPS tracking system to monitor your current GPS co-ordinates and report the speed in miles or kilometer. It updates the number of coordinates captured during the user’s session. You can stop the tracking at any one time by tapping on the …

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Tarelcus SE – A Sheer Entertaining Space Show


I don’t know what they mean by ‘Tarelcus’, but if it means to be a mind boggling space maze that is full of challenges coming your way to test your mental strength to the fullest, I guess they are not at all wrong. Tarelcus is one of the newest applications in the market that is compatible with all of the …

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Cloud File Mover for Dropbox – Best File Handling iOS App


The Clouf File Mover is an easy to use app exclusively designed for the Dropbox. The Dropbox is a cloud service platform for sharing different file formats across any part of the world. It maintains synchronization and version control between devices. When a user wants to move files between IOS devices and a Dropbox account, the Cloud File Mover can …

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SoulMate – Fabulous iPhone Social Networking App

Soul Mate

Who does not want to spend most of the time with their soul mate? Soulmate is an iPhone social networking application designed for singles and couples alike. Its purpose is to join compatible people together, thereby increasing the possibility of people meeting their soul mate. Also, if someone has met a partner through use of the application, the application is …

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MEmoticon – iOS App for Funny Facial Expressions


MEmoticon is a brilliant application which allows users of the app to alter the picture of your liking to something that looks like an emoticon like maybe change your poker face to a bright and smiley face or an infuriating and angry face. If you ever wondered about how your face would look like as an emoticon, this is an …

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Political Party Scanner Pro – Entertaining iOS App

Political Party

Political Party Scanner is a photo taking and scanning ios app. The application lets you either take a photo within the application itself or choose a photo from your album to do a prank stunt. The prank is to declare your subject being taken is a Democrat or Republican. The application is called a political party scanner for a reason. …

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PopMath Maths Plus – Edutainment iOS App


How many times have you heard that one of the ways to keep your kids focused and interested in math is to make it seem like a game? With Popmath Maths Plus, doing mental math is as easy as downloading this fun application, where you pop balloons in a determined amount of time. This application was made for iPhone, iPod …

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OneSafe – iOS App Provides Full Security


With so many websites, electronic devices, payments and identity theft, it is hard to follow the rules for storing too many passwords in one place. With One Safe, there is no need to worry because you have one of the best password safes that you will ever find on the iTunes App Store. The reviews state it all, with over …

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