– Easy Way to Get Customer Feedback


Don’t have enough feedback from your customers? Want to try out a new and interesting way for them to form an opinion? Feedback is crucial for websites and online services because there is no other way to gain customer feedback without some well formed opinions. For that, you will need software that works and that people want to use after …

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Need a place to store all your business cards? Tired of sifting through business cards just to find one contact? Are you constantly networking and meeting new people? Cognicard is the service that gives you the ability to scan your business cards and then gather any contact information available electronically. After you scan each card, you can definitely free some …

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Ace Project

Looking at project managers these days, you have that security available to you once you figure out how the company or business works. You can easily hire a project manager or take the certification yourself, which takes time, effort and money. Ace Project was looking beyond that when it started and, today with more than three thousand followers in their …

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Tired of constantly playing the same game of solitaire? Why would you even download it on your phone if you have it on your computer? Well, if you haven’t learned of SoliDroid, then you haven’t seen the latest twist on an all-time favorite card game like Solitaire. Solidroid develops skill as it times you in order to earn the most …

Read More – App for Freelancers to Manage Projects and Invoices

Bunker App

If you’re thinking of hiring a project manager and you’re freelancing, you should think about getting Bunker App. Bunker App will definitely become an extension of your body once you start working because of its functionality when it comes to managing time and even employees while doing a project. Once of the great things about these web applications is that …

Read More – Way to Get Custom Card and Board Games

Game Crafter

Ever feel like you need to have a family night without having to run to the store to buy a board game? The Game Crafter provides a way to print various games such as card games or board games as if you were ordering a movie from your home. Their website is packed with top games and prices as well, …

Read More – Online Game Play to Win Prices


Have you ever wanted to get paid by playing games? Try Dobango, an application that you can easily download on your iPod or iOS device straight from the App Store or the other two platforms. These include: Facebook and their official website, which give you the same updated offers. The point is to give you access to your favorite games …

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Filter – Music iPhone App with Powerful Features


Ever have the need to keep one earphone on and the other one off in order to hear when your next train is coming or if someone starts talking to you? From now, until October 12, 2011 you can get this app for free with no ads. Filter app was made for iPhones and iPads, however, that doesn’t mean that …

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iCrimeFighter – iOS App with More Investigation Tools


When you think of a crime scene, there are many aspects that you will need to remember when you collect evidence. Since you get to the scene, there are many things that you can miss if you do not start compiling that evidence immediately. However, carrying video cameras, voice recorders and pen and paper can prove to be a hassle …

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Puzzle Man Pro – Creative jigsaw Game for iPhone

Puzzle Man Pro

Ever since puzzles have been invented as a maps cut into small fragments, puzzles have been popular among a huge crowd, possibly leading the path to other puzzle genres for retro game consoles. Today, it is a huge market consisting of many different kinds of puzzles on websites, interactive applications and Puzzle Man Pro does not fall short on that …

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EyeSeeU – Powerful Video Surveillance App for iPhone

Eye See U

Need to monitor your elder family members while you go out? Tired of having someone to watch over them while you go to the supermarket? EyeseeU gives you peace of mind because you can watch over them from anywhere as long as you have internet access on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can also monitor your baby with …

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Eliseo and the Creature with the Blue Fur – Magical iPad App


Looking for a new way to tell your kid’s some stories? A new experience can be achieved through this book called Eliseo and the Creature with Blue Fur with your iPad or iPad 2. The pages come alive and it will seem like you finish your books in no time. Your kids will experience, imagine, and visualize the stories they …

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