Mates360 – iOS App to Connect and Share with Mates


Mates360 is an app for the iOS ( iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, 4s and iPad 1 & 2). This is a great way to browse and categorize your apps and share them more easily with your friends directly from your phone. Now you can do so, without logging into facebook or twitter or any other social networking sites. By getting Mates360 …

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Music Collector Connect – Web App for Music Lovers

Collect Music

Music collector connect, is a simple music album cataloging web application for all you music lovers. When I first came to know about this application I thought it as one more organizing application. But once I started using it, I realized that the application has more to offer than mere cataloging. It will turn out to be your E-catalog which …

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Top 10 Spotify App – For Favorite Music

Top10 Spotify

Spotify seems to be the new app in the block. It is a Swedish app that was initially available only in European countries and has expanded its horizons gradually. Imagine your mobile with an in-built radio that plays music on demand. That is exactly what Spotify has to offer. It is a webapp configurable on Windows, Mac, Linux and the …

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Mandarin Madness – Educational App to Learn Chinese

Mandarin Madness

Mandarin Madness is an educational app, for those who wish to learn native Mandarin Chinese. Learning Chinese can be pretty tough as both the pronunciations and the text is quite different from other languages. Instead of buying flash cards, users can now learn it through an arcade style game on their android and apple ( iPhone, iPad, iPod) devices . …

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Book Collector Connect – Share Fun and Knowledge with Books

Collect Book

Books can be your friend, counselor and a teacher, as quoted by Elliot. Friends can share a quiet time reading books but they can spend more time by discussing and gossiping about it. I love purchasing books both for my professional needs and also for casual reading. I can speak hours together with my friends over my favorite books. I …

Read More – Simple Reminder Web Application

Reminder Guru

Forgetting is something which is most often blamed on preoccupation. Yeah! People I am introducing you an application which can help you in reminding a day which you don’t want to forget. Don’t worry; if it’s not your anniversary, then, it could be your first date. ReminderGuru is a simple, yet powerful web application which helps you to schedule reminders. …

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Connect Your Movies with Movie Collector Connect


Watching a movie with family and friends is always fun! The gossip and criticism exchanged about the movie, cast and crew after watching it can be much more exciting than watching it. Movie collector connect is a simple online movie cataloguing software which helps one to generate his own movie catalogue and also share with friends. The software comes up …

Read More – Build Your Own Facebook App

Build Chatter

Advertising and campaigning is vital for all kinds of business. With introduction of online business websites with an idea to extract the potential of the internet new opportunities and platforms are being generated in the internet. Build Chatter is one such built to build your own campaign in the social networking sites like facebook to increase your business potential. The …

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The WorkBook app provides an integrated approach to efficiently manage your business. The WorkBook is a popular tool for both project management and financial management. Its cutting edge technology enables you to manage your business on the go. In the past there have been many such tools like Microsoft Project Plan (MPP), Clarity, Epic etc. that offer the same services …

Read More – A Zesty Retail Web Application

Zing Checkout

Whenever we are free, which is mostly during weekends, most of us plan our grocery shopping. The one thing that we cannot stand is the long, boring and drab queues at the counter. Introducing the newest web application program in the market, the ZingCheckout. It definitely has the potential for a wide international market since it gives a new insight …

Read More – Perfect Online Invoice Management Tool


Big companies who do business on a large scale are always thinking big and bulk. The needs of small businesses vary drastically from those of the ‘Big Apples’. The InvoiceBus is a Bill software that gives a fresh feel of invoicing to our clients and customers. Outsourcing is an integral part of any business today and hence billing accurately is …

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Android, the wonder OS, is the most hip thing today considering the numerous web application programs that it provides. Yeah I can see the puzzled look on your face while you may be wondering what has friendship got to do with a web app. Well then, let me enlighten you. Market App in Android consists of close to three hundred …

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