Pocket K-9 : The Dream Pet Game

Pocket K9

When you visit a park, you can see many people walking with their pets around, especially dogs. They play with them, feed them and let them take a walk on their own for a moment. It’s a very healthy environment and when you’re playing games on your phone, for a moment you wish if you had that dog as well. …

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Just Jumble – Challenge your IQ


Just Jumble is a very interesting and most challenging game. The name itself describes the genre of the game. Yes it’s a game of finding the actual word from the jumbled letters. It’s a common game we find in most news papers. It’s not just jumbled letters, each puzzle has a clue in the form of cartoon and some conversations. …

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Make Your Kids Learn about Room Cleaning with TidyUp

Tidy Up

Though iDevices are made for grown up customer group, who does not want to play with kids with their favorite device? That is why there are several apps on iTunes that are made for kids and you can enjoy playing them too. This time you have an app on store which is specially made for learning experience of the kids …

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Etz : A One-Stop TimeSheets Solutions


A recruitment company may work for another company or there may be a HR department inside the main company that handles the payment of all the workers working for the main company. Dealing with so many individuals is very difficult because you have to maintain a good relationship with both sides. On one hand, you have to make sure that …

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MuscleLove : All the Inspiration You Need is Here


Who doesn’t want a good stream-lined body that everybody looks at? Ever had a moment when you walked to a beach but were afraid to take off your shirt because there were many beautiful ladies sitting and you were afraid that they’ll laugh at your circular belly! Of course these moments embarrass you and inspire you as well to do …

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Lynkos CRM – Get Easy with Sales !

Lynk Os

Working as a sales manager can be a difficult task at hand and it most certainly is. It’s a two-fold task as you have both customers and team members to handle. While the customers are not easy to convince to buy your products, the team is equally a challenge to manage. When there are thousands of dollars at stake, you …

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ScipherKey to Protect your Mobile Data


Every other day, you will get the news of a mobile being hacked and that has resulted into a big loss of the user. This is because we store our valuable information in our mobile device and with the smart iPhone being there in the market, your jobs are done with a click from the device. Bank information, PDF files …

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Improve Your English Writing Skills in Minutes with EZCOMMA


Here is a great application for the writers, EZCOMMA with all its dictionary for reference of English grammar has come up to improve your writing skills. This innovative app EZCOMMA has been developed with the aim to help professional as well as occasional writers in writing grammatically correct English. With the right assistance of the tool you can become a …

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Business Plan Builder – Give a Perfect Start to Your Business

Business Plan Today

People say that starting a business needs the right idea and that’s it; I guess not. Even if you have the right idea, you need to implement it in the right direction. In fact, sometimes the idea is not a fresh one but its execution gives the right start. The first next thing you need after your business idea is …

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Emu – Now That’s Called ‘SMART’ Chatting !


There have been so many chatting apps nowadays in the market that it’s difficult to decide which one is the best for you. Back in the time, there were only a handful of features and chatting was limited to texting and that as well in a professional way. Then as the writing style became informal, more developers came into the …

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Breathe 911 – Breathe in a Sense of Happiness


Breathing is the most natural process that occurs to every living person and animal. It doesn’t matter if we’re sleeping, working or just relaxing, we always breathe and we just don’t pay attention to it. Maybe because it’s very simple; inhale and exhale and so on. But it’s a lot more complex than it appears to be. If you can …

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ReviewRouter : A Simple-To-Use Feedback Tool

Review Router

A business is always about the relationship between you and your customers. To run a successful business over long course of time, you must make sure that you listen to them because ultimately they are the ones buying your products. For an online business, it’s a tough task to interact with the customers mainly because there’s never any direct communication …

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