Word Be-Gone : Educative Game for TimePass

Word Be Gone Webapprater

I am huge fan of word games, ranging from Scrabble to Boggle and everything in-between. Word Be-Gone takes the concept of Boggle and word searches to a whole new level. I only stumbled upon the game but it looks like it may have just been released. I truly believe this game will take off as more people become exposed to …

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Kanbanery – The Code of Professionalism

Kanbanery Webapprt

When you’re working in a team, you have to follow a certain code of professionalism. You have to step out of your comfort zone and adjust according to the people you’re working with. Moreover, you have to make sure that every single piece of information that you have and which holds interests of the entire team, should be available to …

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Your Date, Your Habit, Your control

Data Webapprater

At a time when internet is the growing need of every individual, it sounds utter nonsense when someone says that he doesn’t know about his data usage habits. If you keep your food eating habits in mind while deciding the monthly grocery budget, why not do the same planning for data usage? In a recent survey by MTX Connect, the …

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PGPTools: Keep your messages safe

Pgptools Webapprater

Privacy is a right that everyone must enjoy. However, it is up to you to grab this right and make the most of it. There are people around you everywhere who are waiting to access your private data and make the most of it. We all have those snoopy friends who will take peek into our smart phones randomly, reading …

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Arranged Marriage – Chance to Escape Guys !!

Arranged Marriage Webapprt

Arranged marriage is the newest and hottest Desi Runner game that will for those who enjoy a funny marathon game in beautiful 3D rendered graphics! Arranged marriage is an action game full of funny twist and turns that will put your reflexes to test with a lot of dodging, jumping, grazing and most of all… running! It’s full of nice …

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Clicker Heroes: Click your way to victory

Clicker Heros Webapprater

After topping Steam charts for over a year, clicker games are now here to take the world of iOS by storm. The only difference is that the mouse click is now replaced by a tap on the screen. These games have been designed to be played with full attention in short bursts of time, paused and then repeated. One among …

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Trippeo – Reimbursements Credited

Trippeo Webapprater

You know what’s the most hateful thing about going on a business trip? Yes, you’re away from your family and friends for weeks but there’s something even more important. Any more guesses? Okay, let me tell you. When you’re on a business trip, all your expenses are to be reimbursed by your company. Though this allows you to stay at …

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Tangram mobile browser; efficient, faster and more productive

Tangram Browser

Since the computing environment, experience and screen size of a mobile phone are different from PCs, the user experience is far from convenient. For those rely on mobile phones to surf the web for knowledge, information and decisions, and then you understand how using current mobile browsers can be frustrating. Having to zoom, pan and scroll so as to extract …

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Inkboard App- Triggers the artistic side of you

Inkboard Webapprater1

Developed by Doodle.ly, Inc, Inkboard is an iPhone and iPod compatible app, that provides users with the facility of drawing life-like, three dimensional pictures on a blank canvas with the help of creative and colourful tools. Till date, this app has been used to create more than million drawings. Inkboard app features the Inkboard keyword as well as an interesting …

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Specfox : Communicating “Extraordinary” in an “Ordinary” Langauage


Communicating your ideas to your developers takes in a lot of effort. It’s your website and therefore you must be the dictator here who’ll command what features the website possesses and what purpose they’ll serve. But when you lack the technical knowledge, then it becomes quite a difficult task to translate something “extraordinary” in an “ordinary” language. Writing down the …

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Nomanis Crew: The apt game for people who like fun

Nomanis Webapprater

About Nomanis Crew Nomanis Crew is a super fun and challenging game, that features Nomanis, who has straight away come from the Twitch to evolve as a game character and have his own share of adventures. The premise underlying the game is simple, Nomanis is released from the confines of his mental trap, by a lazy, jobless guardian angel and …

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Beaver Smash – Fighting the Dark Horses

Beaver Smash Webapprtr

Beavers, the second-largest rodent species of the world, share a love-hate relationship with Trees. Trees are their food, shelter and everything and therefore are precious to them. But on the other hand, they have to fall them down for sharpening their teeth. For this very purpose, they destroy the entire forests and it’s a great threat to our ecosystem. So …

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