Nelio A/B Testing: Nothing but ‘THE’ Best

Nelio Ab Testing Webapprater

If you run a blog or own an e-retail website, then only writing a good blog or having good products in your offer menu won’t last you a long queue of customers. If your website lacks that premium finish, even the best of your products will seem to have a layer of dust upon them. But how will you know …

Read More : Give Your Building-Blocks the “Magic” Touch

Mutt Webapprater

Forums are referred to as the “building-blocks” of a community. Whether you’re running a blog or you need a discussion forum regarding the various products on sale on your website, if users get to interact with each other, it always counts as a “plus” for you. Giving users the freedom to interact indirectly gets you a lot of marketing points. …

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ContactShield – iPhone App Review

ContactShield Webapprater

ContactShield protects iPhone contacts from applications trying to access the contacts. This application helps to block attempts to steal your iphone contacts. It can block unauthorized attempts made on cloud server. All the iphone contacts can be encrypted with the single touch. Even in the individual contact, specific fields like Phone number, address, email, notes can be selected to protect. …

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MileBug : App Handles your Tax Problems

Mile Webapprater

Can your phone track your expenses and tax deduction? Yes with MileBug app you can track all your expenses and compute required tax deduction for a certain period. Basically, the app uses the GPS to track all the information pertaining your expenses and amount required as a tax deduction. With the introduction of the MileBug CLOUD which synchronizes data back …

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TinyShout : Send a Shout Out To Those Around You

Tiny Shout Webapprater

A relatively new proximity-based messaging app called TinyShout is offering people the ability to send messages to those around them, even if those people are not contacts, followers or otherwise socially connected to them. The app, created by WaitIQ LLC, allows users to set the distance within which their messages are transmitted, and to define the time period during with …

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Stylematic App: A Must-Have for Fashion Fanatics

Style Matic Webapprater

When online shopping first became possible, it was a revelation for fashion fanatics everywhere. Retail suddenly became a global village and it was finally possible to get more sizes, colors and styles than were typically offered at your average mall at the touch of a button. However, now that everyone is online, online shopping can get overwhelming. Every major brand …

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Fit Weightlifting : Maintain a Fitness

Fit Weightlifting Webapprater

Follow a religious fitness regime with Fit that shows the easiest way to track adequate progress during workout. A healthy body in chiselled shape with abs and six/eight pack is most desirable in today’s scenario. For intended result, you should maintain a check-up on everyday basis as the amount of calories you have burnt, your weight at the moment, etc. …

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LiveRing – Android App Review

Live Ring

Today I have installed this app in my Mi3. Twitter has come up with the idea of sharing video moments with friends. Till now there are no apps to provide live video to friends. Live Ring is the android app that provides live video sharing to the world of Social media. Features of Live Ring: As the name itself implies …

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JitBit -The Ultimate “Customer-Support” Solution

Jitbit Webapprater

There’s a customer-support system for almost everything. From a hair conditioner to a brand new Audi R8, if there’s a customer for it, there’s surely a customer-support for it as well. But life at such a service centre is miserable and can only be compared to hell. Being a customer care executive, your entire day is spent under a blanket …

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A Comprehensive Review of the Notestream iPhone app

Notestream Webapprater

People’s lives are often incredibly busy these days and because of this the way all of us communicate and learn has truly modified. The NoteStream application may be used with your iPod touch, iPad device, and also iPhone in order to learn in the middle all your day to day activities. The way in which it works is that you …

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Enjoy Your Free Time actively with Jump Ozy

Jump Ozy Webapprater

Simplicity often makes the most attractive thing in life; and if you are one who loves the simple yet interesting ways of entertainment, Jump Ozy can be a real entertainer for you. This gaming application has an interesting gameplay and can be enjoyed by any one of any age and any of level of expertise. The game simply needs you …

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Bonfire Trail : Save Layla and Defeat Monsters

Bonfire Webapprater

Are you tired of crushing boring candies and having to beg for lives? Are you looking for something new and much different? How about an International Award Winning game to pass the time? With simple one finger taps, you will be on your way to great entertainment! The Bonfire Trail tells a captivating tale of Woby, a small burning meteor. …

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